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A collection of tweaks, enhancements and patches for Falskaar.

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This mod is a collection of patches and addons to Falskaar.

1. iNeed
Patch for iNeed. Allows Njola, Klara, Helena and Svea to sell water refills from iNeed.

2. Fast Travel
Adds fast travel markers between Falskaar and Skyrim (they will be active after "Passage Home" quest).

3. Bug Fixes
Bug fixes for various quests, items and other minor things. 
MAKE SURE that Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp is not overwriten by other Falskaar patches! (must be below other Falskaar patches in load order)

4. Unique Region Names
Adds unique region name when going outside. Addon made by CptMcSplody. 

5. Boat Location
Change location of boat to Falskaar in Dawnstar to be more compatible with other mods.

6. Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
Simple conflict resolution patch. Don't use it with SkyTEST patch.

7. SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators
Adds changes from SkyTEST to Falskaar factions. Don't use if with Bruma patch.

8. SkyTEST and Bruma 
Merged Bruma and SkyTEST patch.

9. YASH Patch 
Conflict Resolution patch between YASH and Falskaar.

10. Better Dynamic Snow Patch 
Better Dynamic Snow changes forwarded into static objects from Falskaar.

11. Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes Patch 
Consistency patch between Falskaar and CLLF. More sensible loot and merchants eq!

AndrealphusVIII for Falskaar - Tweaks and Enhancements
CptMcSplody for Unique Region Names SSE