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This adds the notice board from mannygt to Falskaar

Permissions and credits
1. Notice Board

This module adds a notice board to Falskaar. It extends the Notice Board from mannygt (  ) to Falskaar.
Any additional information regarding the radiant quests and their mechanics can be found there.

Basically, this is just a "patch" for Falskaar and the Notice Board. However, a patch normally fixes "critical" incompatibilities, whereas this patch isn't necessary, but it fixes inconsistencies and adds its own tweaks to radiant quests for Falskaar, more suited to its Lore.

It can be found in Amber Creek. As some radiant quests wouldn't make sense for Falskaar, I've removed them. Also, I slightly tweaked some of the quests to better fit Falskaar Lore. (mostly just text tweaks, though)

I have tested this mod extensively, however I still consider it a BETA, so if you encounter any bugs, please report them!

2. Temper Recipes

This module adds temper recipes for weapons and armor in Falskaar that didn't have any.

AlexanderJVelicky is the owner of Falskaar and presides over it's main files.
This mod is not supported by AlexanderJVelicky in any way, shape or form, and is an independent mod with it's own responsibilities and faults.


- Falskaar.esm

- notice board.esp


- AlexanderJVelicky for Falskaar

- mannygt for The Notice Board