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An xEdit script to automatically generate a patch for Unlimited Bookshelves based on your load order.

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This is an xEdit script that will generate a patch for Unlimited Bookshelves so that mod-added or altered items from Unlimited Bookshelves play nice when place on a shelf instead of clipping everytime.

-Put the Unlimited Bookshelves esp right after the Unofficial patch, so as high in your load order as you can, so that anything else will overwrite it.
-Unzip the file.
-Put it in your xEdit script folder
-Load up your entire load order in xEdit. If you do not want the generated patch to override your bashed/smashed patch, do not load them.
-Then right-click somewhere in the form tree
-Apply script and choose "Unlimited Bookshelves Patch Generator".
-Anytime it asks whether a file should be added as master, click on "OK".
You should now have a patch esp (as long as there were conflicting files).

If you remove an esp which the patch has as a master, you'll have to delete the patch file and regenerate it.
If you add an esp and you find its items aren't sitting nice in the shelves, you might want to regenerate the patch as well.

This will only be able to fix the bounds for vanilla mesh items, if someone had a custom mesh they didn't get correct bounds for this won't fix it.

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