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Improves the Ordinator perk "Throne of Nirn" to make it less jarring and more player-responsive.

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Why I made this mod.
I've had Ordinator for a while now, and I really like the idea of the "Throne of Nirn" perk, that raises you up on a pillar if you stand still for more than five seconds while in combat with a spell equipped, and makes your spells more effective. However, while playing I found the following problems with it:
  • The placing of the pillar was jarring. It was a simple enable/disable and then a moveto on the player, meaning you were instantly transported to the top. I also found this to lag just a little bit too much (though that could be my computer, this also gets rid of that)
  • Whenever you were put on top of the pillar, your view was realigned to the horizon. This means that if you are looking up or down at something and you get put on the pillar, you have to find what you were looking at again.
  • It fired at inopportune moments. The above point meant that, if you were standing still for a bit in order to aim your spell, you had to re-aim when the pillar rose.

What does it do?
This mod does the following:
  • Whenever you stand still for 4 seconds while in combat with a spell equipped, you get a visual effect, a rumble and a message in the corner that indicate the pillar is ready. There is also a version without the message.
  • When it is ready, (right after the rumble), you can jump in order to raise the pillar. It will rise up from the ground and lift you up as usual.
  • If you want to cancel it, just move and the visual will disappear, and you will have to stand still again for four seconds if you want the pillar.


Anything. I mean, this mod doesn't modify anything but one very specific magic effect from ordinator.

Ordinator, obviously. Other than that, nothing.

Install with your mod manager, or unzip, put the esp and bsa in the data folder and activate the esp.
Also available for Xbox One on

Should be fine. If you reinstall it afterwards the worst problem you might encounter is that you might be able to see the pillar before it rises out of the ground on the very first use of the pillar.

Thanks to EnaiSiaion for making the wonderfully complex and fun Ordinator mod.
Thanks to reaperix for use of a mesh from Elemental Destruction Magic for the ready cloak.

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