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Hi, I am Candoran(2, if name isn't available).


I have made some mods in the past, and maybe I'll make some more.

If you have any questions about a mod, feel free to message me or post at the relevant mod page, so other people can see it.


General permissions for my content:

Any of my work is free to use, as long as:
- You provide credit (for example, under the credit section)
- You extend the same permissions for whichever project you use my work for.
I would also appreciate it if you let me know, though it is not necessarily required.
In some works I have built upon the work of other authors, if you want to use their content you will have to look at their permissions.
If you have any questions about making mods, you can shoot me a message, but you'll also often find me on the Prometheus modding or Darkfox127 Discord.