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Compatibility patch for NORDIC UI and SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS). Extended window option also included. moreHUD (Inventory Edition) patch included in FOMOD. Should be fully compatible with all resolutions.

Permissions and credits
This is a compatibility patch for NORDIC UI to provide support for SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS), by bvn. I have received written permission from bvn to publish this patch, so please be sure to give +kudos to this user. Since I only modified necessary files for NORDIC UI compatibility, SAS is still required, so please download and install that as well (link here - endorse while you are there!).

If you don't know what SAS is, it adds a bunch of extra useful sort/filtering columns to the UI, including those specific to survival mods (Sunhelm, Frostfall, and CC Survival Mode) for armor and food (warmth, coverage, hunger, etc.), although these mods are not required and the additional fields for armor and weapons are extremely useful in their own right. See the official mod page for more information.

New to v1.1 is moreHUD Inventory Edition support!


FOMOD Installer - Install base files and choose extended menu preference (this MUST match SAS installer setting). Use preferred mod manager and overwrite all files for any conflicts.


  • (optional) Survival Mod of choice, if applicable (e.g. Sunhelm, Frostfall, CC Survival Mode)
  • (optional) Survival Mod dependencies, if applicable (e.g. Campfire, etc.)
  • (optional) Survival Mod patches, if applicable (e.g. Campfire+Frostfall Unofficial SSE Update, etc.)
  • Other NORDIC UI patches (ultrawide fixes, misc patches, etc), if applicable
  • SAS
  • (optional) moreHUD Inventory Edition, if applicable
  • NORDIC UI + SAS Patch (this mod)


For Sunhelm users:
  • Warmth column and bottom bar info is displayed when CC Survival Mode option is selected in the SAS FOMOD Installer.

For Frostfall users:
  • Warmth and coverage values do not show up in item columns until you hover over the item first. This is a Frostfall bug, not a bug with SAS / this patch.

Special thanks

  • dopesan for creation of the amazing NORDIC UI
  • bvn for their great SAS mod and permission to update it for NORDIC UI support