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A unique, extensive overhaul to Skyrim's Enchanting system, emphasizing game balance and specialization in one of three distinct Enchanting styles.

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by egocarib

A mod that completely reimagines Skyrim's enchanting skill system
in an immersive, balanced, and lore-friendly way.

Tired of enchanting being a mindless skill grind with no rewards or replay value? Bothered
by how those half-dozen banish-enchanted daggers ruined the economy for the rest of your
play-through? Have tried all the other enchanting mods out there but found them lacking?
Then welcome, fellow essence-seeker — you've finally arrived where you belong.

Choose the path you will follow from among three distinct Enchanting styles — AetherChaos, and Corpus — each suited to unique playing styles and designed to allow multiple play-throughs with different characters. Each of the three styles gain bonuses to the enchantments that are aligned with their particular path.

Gain enchanting experience when trapping souls, and unlock special "Essence" perks that add exciting new features to soul trapping. Soul trapping is now of central importance to Enchanting, as Skyrim lore suggests.

Unlocking perks is now necessary to disenchant more powerful items, trap larger souls, and improve the number of charges your enchantments yield (charges are much more limited to begin with now).

Experience completely restructured enchanting mechanics: gold values have been reduced, enchantment magnitudes have been rebalanced, and enchantments now scale at their own unique rates — some (like Regen and Carry enchantments) increasing much faster and to significantly higher magnitudes than in vanilla Skyrim.

Revel in the Skyrim you've grown to love — all has been carefully designed with the aim of enhancing Enchanting with new layers of complexity and excitement, while avoiding any undesirable immersion-breaking changes.

Enjoy options that allow you to globally modify the power of all enchantments, to a level that YOU envision to be right for your character, as well as a system that has been optimized behind the scenes to take you beyond level 100, if you are among those who play with a skill uncapper activated.

Enchanting Awakened
The Perk Tree

(Note: bonuses from separate perks multiply with one another)

Enchanting Awakened
The Three Schools

Channel the unimaginable forces of the stars as you seek the secret of limitless energy and
unbound magical power. The elusive Aether is your medium, and the invisible transference
of all soul energies and essences are your domain. Manipulate sound and silence, light and
darkness, reality and the ethereal planes - terrorizing foes with the unspeakable and unseen.

Enlist the forces of Chaos in your quest to warp souls, unleashing unimaginable power.
Destruction is both your preferred means and your desired end, and you will do all that
you can to bring the world to its knees before you. Steal, poison, swindle, and strike
your foes down with a fluid and fiery rage unmatched by any other enchanter.

Train your body and mind to resonate in perfect consonance, and become an impenetrable
fortress of stored soul energies. Strengthening and restoring the purity of the natural
world with your iron willpower and unmatched attunement to the inner harmonies of
the body itself, you stand in judgement before all that is perverse and evil in the world.

Enchanting Awakened
The Essence Perks

Trapping Souls is deeply enmeshed in Skyrim's Enchanting lore, and Enchanting Awakened's Essence Perks are designed to reassert
this central importance of Soul Trapping to the Enchanting system. Each Essence Perk represents the unique intersection of two
enchanting schools, and has profound effects on a character's style of trapping souls to be used for binding to enchantments.

Will you follow the path of Chaos, recklessly trapping the greatest number and variety of souls, then hastily
binding them to your enchantments with little concern for how they might be more efficiently put to use?

Will you choose the respectful path of Corpus, shunning the capture of human souls entirely, and carefully
extracting every last bit of essence from creatures as part of your reverence for the forces of nature?

Or will you favor the path of Aether, absorbing the most energy possible from any source that you find,
prideful of your command of all souls, unconcerned for your victims or the methods used to enslave them?

Enchanting Awakened
Additional Notes and Things to Know

Extended List of Features & Vanilla Fixes

  • All previously obtained Enchanting tree perks will be automatically respec'd upon installation, and the perk points will be returned to your character to use in the new tree.
  • The Fortify Magic & Regen enchantment has been rebuilt from the ground up, and it will now add a regen bonus scaled to your current enchantment level when worn. This allows the enchantment to provide much higher levels of Magicka Regen at high skill levels. Unfortunately the exact regen % cannot be shown in the item description as a result, but can be viewed in the magic effects window, or an optional message can be turned on to display it whenever you equip an item enchanted with this (see the Settings section below).
  • The Fortify Barter enchantment has been replaced by Fortify Persuasion. Instead of simply increasing selling prices, the new enchantment gives a straight bonus to all Speech skills, resulting in not only better prices, but improved persuasion and intimidation success.
  • A new enchantment, Fortify Speed, has been added. It will increase movement speed by about 30-70% depending on your skill level. This addition seemed necessary to balance the Chaos school with the other two, as I couldn't decide on an "exclusive" armor enchantment to limit only to Chaos. I plan to eventually add one or two more unique enchantments to this mod (Aether will be the next school I toss a bone to), though I am going to limit new enchantments to a small handful at most.
  • A completely rewritten Soul Trap script is integrated into the mod: with the exception of Azura's Star, soul gems will no longer accept souls of a smaller size than they are intended to hold. Black soul gems & the Black Star will now only capture human souls, as they should. Also, your followers will now be able to capture souls correctly if given the appropriate soul gems and a Soul Trap weapon.
  • highly recommended soul gem scarcity plugin is also available, which can be activated in the MCM menu. The plugin will will replace 80% of the filled soul gems sold by vendors with empty gems instead, to further promote the use and importance of soul trapping in the game.
  • Most enchantments now scale at their own custom rates, instead of all enchantments being exactly 3 times stronger than their base magnitude when you reach level 100 (as in vanilla). Some will scale more slowly, and some will improve faster and reach much higher values (Magicka Regen scales to about 10 times its base value, for instance). This should keep almost all enchantments relevant even at higher levels.
  • The Power of some enchantments has been decreased. This is intended mostly for the purpose of promoting game balance and eliminating vanilla flukes, like the ability to reduce casting cost to zero (now impossible with the default settings) or the ability to use smithing and alchemy enchantments to vastly improve potions and smithed items.
  • Weapon enchantments have noticeably less charges to begin with. This more realistically reflects your skill level and promotes the use of Soul Trap to keep weapons charged (at lower levels especially). Your choice of specialization will affect how much your charge yield increases. Chaos enchanters will find that they burn through charges more quickly, for instance — representing their fiery nature — but they also have the most impressive arsenal of powerful weapon enchantments at their disposal. Skilled enchanters produce significantly more charges for enchantments aligned with their specialty.
  • You will be unable to use enchanted items before unlocking the required perks. Weapon enchantments simply wont affect your enemies, and armor enchantments will stop working a few seconds after you equip them. You will gain access to almost all enchantments simply by unlocking all three Soul Shaper perks (find a list of what each rank of that perk unlocks in the section below, "Gaining Access to Enchantments")
  • The Silent Moons Enchantment has been fixed. It didn't do any damage in vanilla. (The Unofficial Patch also fixes this, if you have it)
  • Bound Weapons now have the proper Soul Trap visual effects after you unlock the Soul Stealer perk. It actually looks like you're absorbing the soul!
  • A visual projectile has been added to the Soul Trap spell, something that was also missing from vanilla Skyrim. (Also fixed by the Unofficial Patch)
  • Extra Enchanting experience will be awarded when disenchanting weapons. In vanilla, disenchanted weapons already gave less experience than armor generally, but after this mod's price rebalancing, weapons give extremely little experience. To compensate, you will be awarded extra experience when disenchanting weapons to bring them more in line with armor, BUT that experience will not show up immediately in the experience bar until you enchant or disenchant another item. Unfortunately this minor cosmetic issue can't be fixed. You can disable the extra experience in the MCM menu if this bothers you, however.

Gaining Access to Enchantments

Each enchantment requires a particular perk in order to be used & to be disenchanted in Enchanting Awakened. Without the right perk, weapon enchantments will not affect your enemies, and armor enchantments will automatically dispel or fade when worn. However, almost every enchantment will be usable & disenchantable after you've unlocked all three ranks of the first perk, Soul Shaper. There are six more enchantments — two for each "school" of enchanting — that are only available to specialists in that particular school (the ones listed as "Exclusives" in the school descriptions above). Here is a list of which enchantments each rank of Soul Shaper unlocks:

Perk Tree Notes

It is currently impossible to specialize in more than one style of enchanting in Enchanting Awakened. However, the first three ranks of the starter perk for each enchanting style remain available to anyone, regardless of specialization. Thus, you can choose to unlock the Aether Seeker, Chaos Disciple, and Corpus Scholar perks - up to rank three, at any time.Perks that are above those basic starter perks in the tree will only be available to specialists of their associated style. Once you have taken any of the style-specific perks beyond the original starter perks, you will be committed to the style of the perk you choose for the rest of your play-through. For version two of Enchanting Awakened (in the works now), I will most likely implement an MCM menu option that will allow you to respec your perks if you decide you want to change styles, and I am also considering whether allowing specialization in multiple trees might be possible or desirable.

egocarib for permission to port and edit Enchanting Awakened