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Mod articles

  • Quest Walkthroughs

    *Contains spoilers for new quests

    Last Update: September 9, 2021

    A Fellow Traveler



    How to Start Quest:
    Player must be level 10 or above.
    Speak with a Traveler NPC who can appear in the taverns and other public locations, and agree to escort him to his destination.

    Detailed Walkthrough:
    When you visit popular locations among the travelers, an NPC named "Traveler" may spawn asking if you're available to hire. They may appear in the taverns of Skyrim in addition to a Divine's temples, and a few other alehouse-type places such as Drunken Huntsman and Helga's Bunkhouse.

    The Traveler has one of a few occupations: a farm...

  • New Random Events - List

    *May contain spoiler

    Last Updated on: September 9 2021

    <CV> ...Custom voiced. Marked with this tag are the events that use the new voice-acted dialogue. Find the "Custom Voiced Events" in the MCM toggle these events.

    <MCM>...Can be toggled ON/OFF with an MCM.

    <Req.>...Requirements. if your character does not meet the requirement mentioned here, the event will not be triggered.

    <XX(Version Number)>...Indicates which version of the mod has first introduced this event/quest.

    <Quest>...Indicates this event will lead you to receive a follow-up quest. Check out the Quest Walkthrough Article if you need more information about these quests!


  • How and Where to Encounter Unique NPCs

    This quick guide explains how and where to find certain unique NPCs such as Evelyna, the custom-voiced follower.
    Also check out the Quest Walkthrough Guide for detailed walkthrough for the new quests. Some of the information provided below will overlap with that guide as the new NPCs are tied into these quests.

    It contains some spoilers for the new quests in Immersive World Encounters.



    Please note that the game has 4 versions of Evelyna for technical reasons. If, after becoming your follower, she gets stuck somewhere and you want to summon her by using her ref ID, you'll need to know which Evelyna is your follower at the time.

    Base ID (Use only for testing purposes or finding her Face...