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A HUD preset based on God of War 2018. No Magicka bar for now

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So, I temporarily went out of retirement to make and share this preset.
I just felt that the God of War hud was very clean and compact, so I looked for one that replicates it here in the nexus. When I found out that there was none, I decided to make this. 

Installation Instructions:

1. Install all requirements of this mod.
2. Go to the MCM>iEquip, Enable iEquip, run edit mode, press NP5 for "load preset" and choose "GOW 2018" in the menu.
3. Go to the MCM>A Matter of Time>Presets and click on "load user settings".
4. Go to the MCM>Less Intrusive HUD>General settings and click on "load personal settings
5. Check the images of this mod and imitate the settings for SkyUI and TDM. For SkyUI, you just need to copy the Active Effects HUD settings. For TDM, its just the x and y values of the boss bars.


Elxdark - for the guide on how to replace AMOT widgets, found on Customizable UI Replacers(LE) mod.
iEquip team - for their amazing mod, I would never have been able to create this preset had it not been for the customizability of iEquip.
AMOT team - the triangle widget used in this mod is actually a replacer for their astrolabe
Less Intrusive HUD team - their mod is easy to use and very user friendly, which allowed me to make this with relative ease
Bethesda - The triangle widget is actually just one of the in-game achievement symbols, edited and repurposed for the HUD.