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Automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs

Permissions and credits
by Jaxonz and Nellshini
SSE Conversion and Expanded MCM by GPortner

See the Changelog for full Version History.

01 : Introduction and Description
02 : MCM Options and Configuration
03 : Requirements and Installation
04 : Known Issues
05 : Acknowledgements
06 : Contact


"Everyone has a Name"

Real Names automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs.

This is an SSE conversion and update to the original Real Names (which was an update to Jaxonz Real Names),which gives an identity to otherwise generic inhabitants of Skyrim. Ever wonder if it's the same Whiterun Guard you're seeing in the Bannered Mane every night, drinking away his sorrows? Wonder no more! With this mod, almost every NPC is given a lore-friendly moniker based on their gender and race. Even some monsters, such as dragons, get a name of their own! It accomplishes this all in a lightweight, clean fashion that's highly configurable to your own personal preferences.


This edition of Real Names trades out the .INI method of configuration for a vastly expanded MCM. As such, the .INI file no longer exists and jaxonzconsoleplugin is not needed to use this mod.

  • Strangers Mode: Optionally prevent the automatic renaming of NPCs until the player interacts with them directly (e.g. dialogue).

  • Several options are available to determine how generated names prioritize Titles and Surnames over Epithets.

  • Allows disabling of renaming monsters and/or dead NPCs.

  • Each race has independent options which can be adjusted.

  • Allows for an NPC to be assigned a name which is not typical of their Race. By default, this is disabled for all races, but it is not unheard of: Brand-Shei was a Dark Elf raised by Argonians, and Lucien Lachance is an Imperial (despite having a very Breton sounding name).

  • An option for Dark Elves allows them to be given traditional Ashlander names.

  • An option for Khajiit allows configuration of honorific prefices and suffices. 

  • An option for Nords allows enabling of patronymic/matronymic names.

  • An option for Orcs allows configuration of the Clan name prefix.

  • Easy access and intuitive UI for modifying the lists used to generate random names. 56 lists with 378 editable entries each.

  • An Exceptions method which prevents named NPCs from being renamed inadvertently.


Real names requires SKSE and SKYUI

To install, simply extract the files into your Data folder.

You can uninstall at anytime by removing the mod files as this mod attached no scripts to objects and does not constantly run.

  • Please note: Any NPC that has received a name from this mod will keep their name even after uninstalling. No, there is no easy way to undo the changes made by this mod. This is a limitation created by the lightweight implementation of the mod.

Real Names fully compatible with DLC and most mods as it doesn't change any preexisting records or scripts. It will properly rename NPCs so long as they are of the right race and fit the search terms. The only thing Real Names actually changes is the Display Name of the NPC. That being said, there are still a few mods that do not play nice with Real Names.

Mods that turn generic NPCs into followers (e.g. Paradise Halls) dislike renamed NPCs. Talking to the NPC will result in a loss of dialogue options (and therefore a loss of ability to command). Please use the "Revert Name Key" to return the NPCs name to normal if this happens. The NPC will not be renamed again unless forced.

Amazing Follower Tweaks may or may not work with Real Names. Generally speaking, Default Followers should continue to function as expected but forced followers or mod-added followers have been known to lose all interactivity. It is not recommended to use Real Names with AFT, but doing so probably won't cause CTDs.

  • If using AFT or a similar follower mod with Real Names, it is highly recommended that you also use the Store Name Utility (found in the optional files on the download page).

Due to how Skyrim handles strings (without case-sensitivity, for one), sometimes an NPCs name or generic name will appear without proper capitalization. As of right now I don't believe this can be fixed.


Names used in this mod were pulled from the Lore section of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. Names from TES: Arena were not used, since their lore-friendliness is debatable. The use of names from TESV: Skyrim was minimized, to avoid potential confusion.

Much thanks to jaxonz for the original Jaxonz Real Names and to nellshini for the original Real Names.
And of course, due thanks for allowing me to upload this expanded version.


Any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations, please contact
me via Nexus, either in the comments section for this mod or PM.