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Automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs

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Everyone Still Has A Name
Automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs
This is an update to the original Jaxonz Real Names, which gave an identity to otherwise generic inhabitants of Skyrim. Ever wonder if it's the same Whiterun Guard you're seeing in the Bannered Mane every night, drinking away his sorrows? Wonder no more! With this mod, almost every NPC is given a lore-friendly moniker based on their gender and race. Even dragons get a name of their own! It accomplishes this all in a lightweight, clean fashion that's highly configurable to your own personal preferences.

You must have the following installed in order to use Real Names:

Real Names can be installed at any time and should work with any load order, as it does not edit any existing records. Updates can typically be installed over the old version without any repercussions.

  • Download and install the required files listed above, following the directions found on their description pages. Then download the main file of this mod and install it using your preferred mod manager (recommended) or extract the files manually into your Data folder.
  • Jaxonz Real Names is not required for this version. Please uninstall it before installing this mod.
  • This mod includes an SKSE plugin that's necessary for it to work. Regardless of your installation method, it should be found in the '..\Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins' directory. (MO Users will find it in the Data tab.)
  • Other mods may contain the plugin described above. This is fine; they should be identical files and should cause no issues.

You can uninstall at anytime by removing the mod files as this mod attached no scripts to objects and does not constantly run.

  • Please note: Any NPC that has received a name from this mod will keep their name even after uninstalling. No, there is no easy way to undo the changes made by this mod. This is a limitation created by the lightweight implementation of the mod.

Conflicts, Compatibility, and Issues
Real Names fully compatible with DLC and most mods as it doesn't change any preexisting records or scripts. It will properly rename NPCs so long as they are of the right race and fit the search terms. The only thing Real Names actually changes is the Display Name of the NPC. That being said, there are still a few mods that do not play nice with Real Names.

  • Mods that turn generic NPCs into followers (e.g. Paradise Halls) dislike renamed NPCs. Talking to the NPC will result in a loss of dialogue options (and therefore a loss of ability to command). Please use the "Revert Name Key" to return the NPCs name to normal if this happens. The NPC will not be renamed again unless forced.
  • Due to how Skyrim handles strings (without case-sensitivity, for one), sometimes an NPCs name or generic name will appear without proper capitalization. As of right now I don't believe this can be fixed.

INI Customization
Replacement names and search data are stored within the '..\Skyrim\Data\RealNamesGenerator.ini' file as CSV strings. Using NotePad (or NotePad++, recommended), you can easily modify this file to your liking! Only want particular NPCs to be renamed? Add them. Dislike certain names that appear? Delete them. Want Orsimer to always have their gra- and gro- before their surname? That's possible too!

  • GenericNameSearchTerms: NPCs whose names contain any of the terms in this section are checked to see if they're eligible for renaming. If there's an NPC in your game who isn't on this list, you can add him to this section to fix that. Conversely, if there are NPCs being renamed that you don't care for (e.g. "bandit"), you can remove them from this section as well.
  • RaceFamilyNameChance: These affect how often a granted name will include a surname for that race. For example, by default Nords have a 50% (.5) chance of having a surname, and Argonians only have 5% (.05).
  • OrcFamilyPrefixChance: Orsimer have an additional chance of adding "gra-" or "gro-" (depending on their gender) to their surnames, when they have one. By default this is at a 30% (.3) chance. Some believe that orcs always have this, however, and you can set it to 100% (1.0) to reflect that.
  • Dragon3SyllableChance: Most dragon names consist of 3 Words of Power, like a Dragon Shout. A few consist of only 2 Words of Power, but are still 3 syllables. This changes the chance that it chooses the former over the latter.

Mod Customization Menu
There are a few more features which can be toggled in-game.

  • Enable Mod: This turns Real Names on/off.
  • Generic Name: If enabled, Real Names will keep the NPCs original name, either in brackets or after a comma, placed after their new name. Use this if you still want to be able to tell what type of NPC a person is by their name alone.
  • Refresh Name: If disabled, you will have to look away from the NPC before you can see the changed name. If this causes stutter when enabled, please keep it disabled.
  • Stranger Mode: This mod changes if People are Strangers is installed by only renaming a NPC after they are talked to. If you want this functionality without using People are Strangers, enable this option. Note that this will make it extremely difficult to learn a dragon's name before slaying it.
  • Force New Name Key: Assign a hotkey that can force the mod to find a new name for the targeted NPC. Please Note: this will rename any NPC, including unique ones like Irileth.
  • Revert Name Key: Assign a hotkey that will reassign the NPCs original name. Use this if the custom name causes a problem in your game.
  • Exclude Dragons?: Dragons will not be renamed at all when this option is enabled. Use this if you don't like how the dragon names are produced.
  • Exclude Corpses?: This option will make it impossible to learn the name of a corpse. Try learning it before filling them with holes.

Recommended Mods
Here are other mods that go well with Real Names.

  • Inconsequential NPCs: Now that you can name every generic NPC, it's probably a good idea to throw some more into the mix.
  • People are Strangers: This will change the Display Name of every NPC to "Stranger" until you've talked to them at least once. Real Names will detect if this mod is being used or not and will work with it. Check the Optional downloads for other options if "Stranger" doesn't float your boat.

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