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Fixes several issues with traps and adds detection events to alert enemy NPCs when a trap is triggered. Includes an option to increase the damage done by traps.

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This mod fixes several issues with traps.  The coin purses sitting on pedestal traps can be swapped for other items without setting them off.  Magic traps can be disarmed from a distance and have been fixed to prevent misfires.  Setting off traps will create a detection event allowing the trap to be "heard" by nearby NPCs and alerting them to your presence.  Traps create varying degrees of detection events, so falling boulders or exploding traps will create quite a bit of noise and are likely to alert everyone in the area, while swinging maces and bear traps will only create a slight noise and will only alert enemies who are fairly close.  

  • Creates a detection event whenever a trap is triggered, alerting nearby enemies.
  • Indiana Jones style object swapping on pedestal traps is now possible.
  • Telekinesis and thrown objects now disarm magic caster traps.
  • Fixes to magic caster traps to prevent misfires.
  • Optional version increases the damage done by traps, making them more dangerous.
  • Optional file also adds a detection event when mining ore veins.

  • Dangerous Edition: In addition to the added detection events, this version also includes significantly increased damages for most traps in the game. 
  • Slightly Dangerous Edition: In addition to the added detection events, this version also includes slightly increased damages for most traps in the game. 
  • Mining Makes Noise: This is an optional add-on file that adds a detection event to mining. This is just a simple script replacement and doesn't need an .esp file. This is a stand-alone change and can be installed independently of Improved Traps.

- Improved Traps will conflict with other mods that alter trap damage, leveling, or disease rates. 
- Mining Makes Noise will conflict with any mod that changes the MineOreScript. 
- All files are compatible with fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (as of latest update).
- If you are using Follower Trap Safety, download the compatibility patch under "Miscellaneous Files," and allow it to overwrite the TrapBear script.

Thank you to Wiseman303 for allowing me to include Trap Fixes in with this mod. Credit for these changes belongs to him.

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