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Added: 17/02/2013 - 01:05AM
Updated: 18/05/2015 - 03:20PM

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Have you ever noticed how enemy NPCs never seem too concerned when a trap is triggered? Even when a dozen large boulders just came crashing down several feet from them... no reaction, no alarm that someone has triggered one of their traps, nothing. This instantly kills my immersion, even more so when playing a stealthy character. I've seen mods that increase the damage done by traps, but I've not been able to find a single one that addresses this issue... so here it is.

In the vanilla game, traps are set up to create a very small detection event, but ONLY if you actually get hit by the trap. If you avoid taking damage, then that bandit standing 10 feet away will continue to act as if nothing has happened. And even if you do take damage the detection event created is so small as to not have much of any effect unless the enemy is within a few feet of you.

This mod creates a detection event whenever a trap is triggered. Any nearby enemies will instantly become alerted and will start searching for you. I have set different traps to create different degrees of detection events, so falling boulders or exploding traps will create quite a bit of noise and are likely to alert everyone in the area, while swinging maces and bear traps will only create a slight noise and will only alert enemies who are fairly close.

TRAPS ARE DANGEROUS: In addition to the added detection events, this version also includes increased damages for most traps in the game. This file requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn. This file includes all of the changes from Traps Make Noise, so you should only install one of the two main files.

MINING MAKES NOISE: This is an optional add-on file that adds a detection event to mining. This is just a simple script replacement and doesn't need an .esp file. If you are using my Complete Crafting Overhaul mod, then make sure to download the CCO version.

While it's not required, I strongly recommend using this mod with a mod that increases the alert times for NPCs.

I strongly recommend also installing Wiseman303s Trap Fixes.
It makes some much needed improvements to traps and is fully compatible with Traps Make Noise and Traps Are Dangerous.

I also highly recommend Stealth Skills Rebalanced for overall improvements to stealth gameplay.

If you don't want your followers stumbling into traps and ruining your stealthy approach, I highly recommend the mod Follower Trap Safety by Alek.
You may also want to consider Better Stealth AI for Followers for further improving follower stealth behavior.

Traps Make Noise should work fine with mods that alter trap damage, leveling, or disease rates.
However, Traps Are Dangerous will conflict with other mods that alter trap damage, leveling, or disease rates.

This mod is mostly compatible with Follower Trap Safety, however they do conflict over a single script "TrapBear.pex". I have included a compatibility patch that combines the changes that both mods make to this script. You must have Follower Trap Safety installed in order to use the patch.

The Mining Makes Noise file will conflict with any mod that changes the MineOreScript.