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The legendary dagger of the goddess Dibella ... Get her favors to have the privilege of making reborn her blade in the flames of the Skyforge.
Esp only. Blade model is from JaySuS and his mod are required. New: a optional sample of 9 more Jaysus Swords is proposed.

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New merged version with Dovah Luv :

The Blade of Dibella

Only esp - Original Oldrim's mod of JaySus required!
Follow installation's instructions carefully to get this legendary weapon in Skyrim SE.

New : Adding an optional file with 9 additional Jaysus Swords following the request of several nostalgic players.
• Azurbrand
• Dragonbrand (greatsword)
• Gungnir
• Hunting Sword (dagger)
• Khajiit Saber
• Long Hunting Sword
• Magnificient Sword
• Nordic Blade
• Shiavonna

 JaySus Swords were among my Top 10 Favorite Mods in Oldrim (aka Skyrim Legacy). In addition, it is one of the Top 30 most downloaded Nexus's Mod for Oldrim.
 Naturally, dozens of players have asked him to convert to Skyrim SE... But i'is impossible to contact him because his PM box is always full. And we find ourselves with an Orphan Works, because Jaysus explicitly stated that his model is under standard copyright (Not Creative Commons licence or Copyleft), have accordingly:
 • No conversion for other games (Skyrim SE is considered as an other game)
 • No use of his assets on an external Mod.
The impasse seems total, especially that his Mod doesn't work on Skyrim Special Edition. The cause an unrecognized BSA file and an unconverted esp/esm file.

 Nonetheless, I have found a way to bypass the legal dead end, allowing me to propose you this mod without infringing Jaysus' copyright.
JaySus wrote:
- you may create plugins and mods based on this mod as long as your mod stays dependant on mine,
- you may use my swords free of charge for your personal use and even implement them on your second life character
The solution is to offer you an esp file created with my hands, then invite you to download his original mod (therefore dependence of his), and finally tell you what to make the blade recognized by Skyrim SE. This last step will be performed for your personal use.
This mod is intended to be a tribute to JaySus, a sample for Skyrim SE of his fabulous 3D designer skill while we wait (and hope) that the official conversion happens... one day. ;

For this tribute, I chose the most popular (and beautiful) weapon among those Jaysus: The Blade of Dibella.

I created a esp file from scratch, and I was able to give myself pleasure on the conditions to obtain this Blade. I granted its some really legendary characteristics in order to honor the weapon from a Aedra.

Blade of Dibella - Stats

• Description (I love RP descriptions for legendary weapons): Fearing by the opposite sex, this legendary dagger would have been forged out of Dibella's own tears.
• Damage : 13 (As a dragonbone dagger and as on vanilla mod)
• Weight : 4 (As on vanilla mod)
• Value : 7000 septims (300 on vanilla mod... It's a legendary weapon, damn it! The value should reflect this.)
• Scripted enchantment: Dibella's Wrath => Deals 10 % more damage to opposite sex, stackable with Agent of Dibella. This is counted as a script. So, you can also put your own enchantment on it, and the blade is eligible for the Elemental Fury Shout.
• Improvement: 1 Refined Moonstone

Of course, such a weapon must be deserved. On the vanilla Mod, this blade was in the Temple of Dibella, then in the Broken Tower Redoubt on the last version...
For my part, I did not want to take the risk of modifying a cell, so I was content with a recipe ... but with amusing conditions to can forge it. ;)

Blade of Dibella - Recipe

# Prerequisites:
- Elven Forge Perk (So the blade is in the elven category)
- Being under the influence of Dibellal's Blessing
- Have the passive ability: Agent of Dibella. This involves completing The Heart of Dibella quest.
- Can be forged only on the Skyforge

Without these prerequisites, the Blade will not appear in the Smithing menu. As for the ingredients, it will also have to be looked for.

# Ingredients:
 • 1 Flawless Diamond
 • 1 Refined Moonstone
 • 1 Quicksilver Ingot
 • 1 Grand Soul Gem filled
 • 1 Dibella Statue (The version that weighs 2 kilos - Good luck, there are only 7 throughout the game.) ;)

If you want it right away, you can cheat by entering the code "help dibella" on the console, then "player.additem --- 1", the --- is the ID found for the Blade of Dibella.

New (optional): Sample of 9 Jaysus Swords

For this extra swords (after the Blade of Dibella), I went to the simplest. The recipe is basic (that of a steel sword) and is the same for the nine weapons.
The stats are those vanilla (unless the value is increased for some weapons).

Of course, you have to keep the whole Jaysus archive extracted on your Data folder with this optional esp.

However, I will not add more, because my goal is to share a sample of this fabulous Mod, for Skyrim SE until it is officially converted. Not to overshadow him or steal his work. In addition, reconstructing a esp file from scratch takes time.
If JaySus will convert, even if there is no conflict, I strongly recommend you to download his mod for Skyrim SSE. You will have the all 51 weapons with balanced forging conditions to get them. (Here, it's very easy to get the 9 swords proposed.)

For the Blade of Dibella ... it's another story. On my mod, it must be deserved ... and its scripted enchantment (and its market value x23) makes it even more interesting than the vanilla version. ;)

This mod contains only a esp file. So, there are neither assets from Jaysus.

To successfully install, you will need to download:
• My esp file here. (English or French version available.)
• JaySuS Swords (original mod):
• BSA Browser:

Step 1: From my download, copy the .esp file to your Data folder.
Step 2: From JaySuS download, unzip "JaySuS Swords V13C-1002-13C.rar" where you want it.
Step 3: From BSA Browser download, install the soft where you want it.
Step 4: Lanch BSA Browser.exe
Step 5: File > Open Archive > Browse to where you unpacked the Jaysus archive > Open "JSwords.bsa"

Step 6 - for you personal use ONLY: Easy way: extract everything ("Extract all" button) in your data folder. That will make you 300GB deadweight, but without the fuss.
=> Required if you install the optional file.

- OR -

Step 6 - for you personal use ONLY: Way of finesse: Extract only the 3 files corresponding to the Blade of Dibella. Here, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Final step: Enable the Mod with your Mod Manager... and enjoy!

If the Blade does not appear in the menu or in game, then you have extracted the bsa archive in the wrong place.
Make sure you have the following files in your Skyrim SE directory:
• Data\meshes\jaysmods\weapons\swords\dibella.nif
• Data\textures\jaysmods\weapons\swords\
• Data\textures\jaysmods\weapons\swords\

With the optional esp, you must have:
• Data\meshes\jaysmods\weapons\axes\ (6 files) and swords\ (45 files)
• Data\textures\jaysmods\weapons\axes\ (10 files) and swords\ (80 files)

This is all it takes to properly display the weapon. :)

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