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A legendary sword of Dragon-Rider, a legendary dagger of the goddess Dibella and 11 awesome another swords of JaySuS. Esp only. Oldrim JaySuS mod is required.

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  • Russian
Dovah Luv, Dibella Blade and 11 JaySuS Swords
Merged version of Dibella Blade, Dovah Luv and 11 another JaySuS Swords with improvements and major issues fixed - v2.0
EN and FR available

Only esp - Original Oldrim's mod of JaySus required!
Follow installation's instructions carefully to get these legendary weapons in Skyrim SE.

This mod adds 13 craftable weapons from JaySuS Swords:

Legendary swords added:
• Dovah Luv (from version 13D of JaySuS Swords)
• Blade of Dibella (dagger)

Semi-legendary swords added:
• Azurbrand
• Dragonbrand (greatsword)

Miscellaneous swords added:
• Baskethilt Sword (from version 13D of JaySuS Swords)
• Gungnir
• Hunting Sword (dagger)
• Khajiit Saber
• Long Hunting Sword
• Magnificient Sword
• Nordic Blade
• Scimitar (from version 13D of JaySuS Swords)
• Shiavonna

For no legendary swords, I went to the simplest. The recipe is basic (that of a steel sword - see them on Steel category) and is the same for the nine weapons. The stats are those vanilla (unless the value is slightly increased for some weapons).

For legendary or semi-legendary weapons, their value has been considerably increased, the recipe is a little trickier and they can only be forged at the Skyforge in Whiterun. In return, their damage is very high and they often have a hidden bonus against certain enemies. Their RP descriptions give for a clue. Of course, all weapons can receive the enchantment of your choice (cumulative with their hidden power).
In conclusion, on my mod, their faboulous swords must be deserved ... and them scripted enchantment makes it even more interesting than the vanilla version. ;)

Comparison of weapons according to the damage inflicted. The 13 JaySuS Swords are favorites (yellow star). Legendary weapons are the most expensive (around 10,000 septims).

Unique weapons:

- Dragonbrand is a two-handed sword that inflicts almost as much damage as a daedric greatsword... It also deals +20% extra damage against Dragons. Its recipe (Steel category) requires some ingots of ebony and Dragon bones / scales.

- Azurbrand is a daedric sword that inflicts as much damage as a dragonbone sword... No special power. Its recipe (Daedric category) requires... Sapphires, Ebony and 2 Daedra Hearts. It is also necessary to have completed the daedric quest of Azura (the Black Star) to see the recipe.

- Dibella Blade is a elven dagger that inflicts as much damage as a dragonbone dagger... It also deals +10% extra damage against oposite sex, stackable with Dibella Agent.
As it is a legendary weapon, the prerequisites are demanding. Without these prerequisites, the Blade will not appear in the Smithing menu (Elven category).
# Elven Forge Perk
# Being under the influence of Dibella's Blessing
# Have the passive ability: Agent of Dibella. This involves completing The Heart of Dibella quest.
# 1 Flawless Diamond
# 1 Refined Moonstone
# 1 Quicksilver Ingot
# 1 Grand Soul Gem filled
# 1 Dibella Statue (The version that weighs 2 pounds - Good luck, there are only 7 throughout the game.) ;)

-Dovah Luv (meaning “Dragon Tear”), inspired by Brisingr from Eragon, is the most powerful sword of Skyrim. Not to make it overpowering, I even
had to lower its damage from 18 to 17 (Dragonbone Sword damage is 15), but in exchange for a hidden power more than interesting: +25% extra damage against Dragons, Draugr and Dragon-Priests.

Smithing prerequisites (Dragonbone category):
# Elven Forge Perk.
# Being under the influence of Talos's Blessing.
# Gather many Sapphires, Dragon bones and Dragon Scales (+ some Black Soul Gems and quicksilver ingots) for the recipe. So more than 10,000 septims of raw materials. (The sword is worth 13,710 septims.) Prepare yourself to slay some Dragons.

If you want a weapon right away, you can cheat by entering the code "help (sword name)" on the console, then "player.additem --- 1", the --- is the ID found for the desired sword.

JaySus Swords were among my Top 10 Favorite Mods in Oldrim (aka Skyrim Legacy). In addition, it is one of the Top 30 most downloaded Nexus's Mod for Oldrim.
Naturally, dozens of players have asked him to convert to Skyrim SE... But i'is impossible to contact him because his PM box is always full. And we find ourselves with an Orphan Works, because Jaysus explicitly stated that his model is under standard copyright (Not Creative Commons licence or Copyleft), have accordingly:
• No conversion for other games (Skyrim SE is considered as an other game)
• No use of his assets on an external Mod.
The impasse seems total, especially that his Mod doesn't work on Skyrim Special Edition. The cause an unrecognized BSA file and an unconverted esp/esm file.

Nonetheless, I have found a way to bypass the legal dead end, allowing me to propose you this mod without infringing Jaysus' copyright.
JaySus wrote:
- you may create plugins and mods based on this mod as long as your mod stays dependant on mine,
- you may use my swords free of charge for your personal use and even implement them on your second life character
The solution is to offer you an esp file created with my hands from scratch, then invite you to download his original mod (therefore dependence of his), and finally tell you what to make the blade recognized by Skyrim SE. This last step will be performed for your personal use.
This mod is intended to be a tribute to JaySus, a sample for Skyrim SE of his fabulous 3D designer skill while we wait (and hope) that the official conversion happens... one day. ;)

You have to keep the whole Jaysus archive extracted + assets of V13D Update on your Data folder to allow this file to work properly.

However, I will not add more swords, because my goal is to share a sample of this fabulous Mod, for Skyrim SE until it is officially converted. Not to overshadow him or steal his work.
If JaySus will convert, even if there is no conflict (my mod will be considered parallel to his), I strongly recommend you to download his mod for Skyrim SSE. You will have the all 51 weapons.

v2.0 fixes 6 weapons that did not draw properly due to a wrong animation parameter ("Bow weapon" instead of "one-handed weapon").
If you use an old unmerged version, I advise you to uninstall it (otherwise weapons listed in duplicate, see bugged.)


This mod contains only a esp file. So, there are neither assets from Jaysus.

To successfully install, you will need to download:
• My esp file here. (English or French version available.)
• JaySuS Swords (original mod V13C) and his update V13D :

Step 1: From my download, copy the .esp file to your Data folder.
Step 2: From JaySuS download, unzip "JaySuS Swords V13C-1002-13C.rar" where you want it.
Step 3: From BSA Browser download, install the software where you want it.
Step 4: Lanch BSA Browser.exe
Step 5: File > Open Archive > Browse to where you unpacked the Jaysus archive > Open "JSwords.bsa"
Step 6: for you personal use ONLY - extract everything ("Extract all" button) in your Data folder.
Step 7: for you personal use ONLY - From JaySuS update download, unzip meshes and textures folders of "JaySuS Swords V13C to V13D Update-1002-13D.rar" to your Data folder.

Final step: Enable the Mod with your Mod Manager... and enjoy!

If the weapons don't appear in the menu or in game, then you have extracted the bsa archive in the wrong place.
Make sure you have the following files in your Skyrim SE directory:
• Data\meshes\jaysmods\weapons\axes\ (6 files) and swords\ (47 files)
• Data\textures\jaysmods\weapons\axes\ (10 files) and swords\ (87 files)

This is all it takes to properly display the weapons. :)


Simply delete Data\meshes\jaysmods\ folder, Data\textures\jaysmods\ folder and the esp file.

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