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Created by Umbren91 - Converted by Gummiel

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Makes children NPC now able to fight and use different ways to combat the enemy.

Permissions and credits
SSE conversion of Children of Skyrim- Warriors in Training. Credits to Umbren91 for making the original version.

Below description is taken from the original version with my own edits to fit SSE (including fixing link to SSE versions), as well as to accommodate it to the changes I made (with permission)

In a world full of Dragons and Draughrs, where death happens constantly and Skyrim has more to fear. Where assassins are able to kill emperors and thieves can leave you without a thing, a time where elders can fight with their bare hands against vampires and dogs have cunning minds to help fight against the enemies, but the children are left without a single protection and acting like children in the modern day.
Now, their parents or relatives have decided to help teach them, because who knows if someone will destroy the town one day. Places like Riverwood and Rorikstead are just there for the taking.

No longer! The children have risen and become warriors in training. For this is
Children of Skyrim- Warriors in Training.


This mod allows most children to fight with what is at their disposal. Some are still afraid to fight or couldn't learn to fight, such as Lucia and Sofie, among other street urchins. Those stuck at the Orphanage Hall couldn't fight against a woman who tortured them if they used a knife wrong. Some urchins such as Alesan has learned how to fight and use his survival skills. The children know Skyrim is not a safe place, so why wouldn't their parents train them? This isn't real life, where most people would never think to pick up a sword or a crossbow.
Umbren91 feel like Bethesda may have plotted more with the children then what we got, given the animations for magic and weapons run fine with these guys and gals, (Possibly due to the cut quest for Balgruuf's children that would had them fighting each other). It seems they decided against it, but it is possible to make them fight.

Babette is now able to actually use vampire drain. Why she is a three hundred year old vampire and cowers like a 5 year old girl is puzzling.
Some characters like Braith and Britte do not have weapons, but since they boast about hitting people, it was better for them to be brave and unarmed at the same time.
Kayd is now making sense when he talks down to you, and is holding two swords.
Remember how Sissel talks to that one NPC about using magic? Now she can, and he has been teaching her well.
Lars is one child who remains the same, given he isn’t able to fight Braith off.
Skuli has a strong weapon due to the fact he helps runs an Inn in the middle of nowhere.
Ever wondered why Aeta barely have warm clothes on? Well, now she has fire spells that make it a little more sensible.
Some of the children, like Babette had their health and magicka raised up higher.
Some of the confidence on the children are different such as Average or Brave, the unaggressive/cowardly option is part of what prevented the children from doing anything.
Balgruuf’s kids have bigger weapons due to the cut quest they were meant to be involved in and actually fight, figure it might be cool to give them the weapons.

This mod also adds a few extra kids who will roam Skyrim and fight. And it will also give some NPCs children as well. Nothing special about them, but they may carry special items for those who want to try and kill them and take the items. For now it's just a few. If someone wishes to expand on it and create different children NPCs with voice acting and quests, feel free to expand this mod.

Made a version both with and without additional kids
The extra kids added in the appropiate version are:

Amber Firestone and Piper Kanniah, they will be travelling everywhere so you may only see a glimpse of them.
Children belonging to NPCs:
Astrid and Arnbjorn- Alexstraza (Made her use Babette's script after the end of DB, so she should go to Dawnstar.)
Drifa and Bersi (Of Riften)- Dristha
Hert and Hern of Half Moon- Hylia (Another vampire child)
Enmon and Mena of Karthwastern
Indara and Mathies of Falkreath.

Shields were unable to be used, one is given to Assur but he never used it.
Crossbows are likely able to be used, but Umbren91 didn't include Dawnguard in the original oldrim version, so that remains untested.
Shouts cannot be used by a child, nothing happens.
Be wary what you fight now, since you will have children after you as well.
If you have a mod that lets you take followers as children, then you get the most of the two mods together. Even your adopted children (Depending on who you adopted) will able to help defend against bandits in the homes.

Required Mods:
Unofficial Skyrim Special edition Patch
they did some fixes for some of the children, and everyone should have it anyway

Some sort of killable children mod(Immersive Children SE highly recommended):

While increasing confidence and aggressiveness is part of the solution to get children to fight, the infamous child flag is another part of the problem, one that can be a headache to work with, and there are so many mods that does that part better than we ever could

Mods with patches provided:
The kids are alright SE
Using TKAA and WiT together with no patch depending on load order will either have pretty children that are cowards, or potato head children that can fight. The patch I provided fixes this (but if using WiT with extra children, the additional children added by WiT will still be potato head even with the patch, I simply don't have the skills to make them pretty, should TKAA author choose to make a patch that will make these kids pretty I will pull this one down)

RS Children Overhaul
Exact same situation as with TKAA

Incompatible Mods:

Any mod that heavily edits children actors runs the risk of conflicting.
Any mod that edit Children race records run the the risk of indirectly conflicting due to the killable children mod requirement (though Immersive Children SE's patcher fixes it for that specific mod)
Any mods that adds custom children obviously won't be touched.

Install with your favorite Mod manager
Manually - Download the file, go into the download and copy and paste the data file into your Skyrim Data folder.

Umbren91 for making the original mod
Bethesda for making Skyrim and all of it's awesomeness.
Skyrim Nexus for allowing us to download all the mods to make the gaming experience even more fun.