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This is not just another killable children mod. Past killable children mods had unintentionally prevented children from doing dedicated child animations, as in Hearthfire. This mod aims to fix those issues.

Permissions and credits
Original Skyrim version:
Immersive Children

Message from Co-Author:
iMACobra here. Kept you waiting, huh? I may have released this mod for Special Edition and done quite a number of things for it to consider myself a co-author but acobral actually did over 90% of the work, going through some tough times, learning new things just to make this mod and its 2 consecutive patchers happen, and also juggling school and work, so he should be the one credited for creating such a breakthrough that worked around a detrimental 6-year-old issue that started ever since the original Killable Children mod back in 2011 and no one even noticed... :( But finally! Here it is! We wanted immersion and now we're giving it to you! Enjoy!

Sorry I didn't make a video to illustrate Immersive Children but here is a video by Ikari showing the main features (0:48-2:40):

Note: These are patch notes for the original Skyrim version so some notes might not make sense in the context of Skyrim Special Edition and are only here to illustrate what acobral went through to get this mod to its current state. I myself use the Nexus changelog feature to post changes so check there for anything new.

Update (10/7/17)
- Immersive Children updated to version 4.0
- mod improvements
- EBQO patch no longer needed
- new One ImCh patcher based on matortheeternal's MXPF

Previous updates

Table of Contents

PLEASE READ: Introducing MXPF and the new One ImCh Patcher
  1. Introduction: The True (and Compromising) Nature of Killable Children Mods
  2. Features of this Mod
  3. Technical Details: A Solution to the Consequences Introduced by the Disabling of the Child Flag
  4. The Necessity of the One ImCh Patcher
  5. "Why should I use this mod?"
  6. Requirements
  7. Installation
  8. Uninstallation
  9. Recommendations
  10. Compatibility
  11. Issues
  12. To-Do List
  13. Permissions
  14. Credits

PLEASE READ: Introducing MXPF and the new One ImCh Patcher

Prior to Immersive Children 4.0, the One ImCh Patcher, being a SkyProc-based patcher, required Java, something a few users of my mod have had trouble dealing with in terms of Java installation.

I'm proud to announce that the newest iteration of the One ImCh Patcher is no longer based on SkyProc, but instead based on something called MXPF, a xEdit-based library from matortheeternal. I'm proud of this new patcher because it's much easier to install, any issues that may arise will not be as difficult to resolve, and the MXPF library has much more power compared to SkyProc, which is severely limited in functionality. For example, this new One ImCh Patcher now supports furniture editing. I no longer have a need to create separate compatibility patches for furniture editing/adding mods; this new patcher will do that job.

However, there is one downside that may annoy some of you... longer patching time. I'm not sure if it is that my patch scripting logic is not so efficient or if it's just that xEdit scripting is slower than Java scripting (or a combination of those), but no doubt patching takes longer with this new patcher, and this is excluding the new furniture patching function.

[EDIT: I can confirm that faster computer processing will make the xEdit patcher run faster so I guess faster CPUs are better.]

Regardless, I still believe that this MXPF-based patcher is superior to the SkyProc-based patcher due to the extended patching functions and ease of installation (literally all you need to do is set up SSEEdit if you haven't already done so, and then insert my new patcher (a single .pas file) and matortheexternal's libraries (2 .pas files in a lib folder) into SSEEdit's "Edit Scripts" folder).

I hope this new One ImCh Patcher is to everyone's liking and convenience. And as always, let me know if any issues arise. I will fix them if I can.

Go to the "Installation" section for new installation instructions of this new patcher. The rest is just background information and is rather lengthy so if you don't like to read, skip ahead!

1. Introduction: The True (and Compromising) Nature of Killable Children Mods

2. Features of this Mod

This mod does the following:
  • removes the Child flag from child races, rendering children mortal (except Aventus, Babette, Fjotra, and Nelkir who are not mortal until their associated quests are completed)
  • checks the 'Allow Pickpocket' flag, making them pickpocketable
  • fixes unique Hearthfire child animations that stop working after the child flag is turned off
  • fixes furniture usage so that children will assume the correct animation when sitting on chairs and will not use certain furniture, such as crafting stations
  • adds coffins and urns for children to the Halls of the Dead to increase immersion
  • does fixes for some child beds that were incorporated into USSEP after we reported it (Adara, Knud, Sissel and Britte never slept because their beds weren't designated child-sized beds)

This mod also includes a MXPF patcher (called the One Imch Patcher) that is necessary for you to use if you are going to play with mods that add new races with the keyword "ActorTypeNPC" (or modify the vanilla NPC races in any way) and furnitures with the interaction keyword also "ActorTypeNPC". However, if you are playing a game with no mods or are just using USSEP, you DO NOT need to use the MXPF patcher.

Burial urns and coffins have been given to children to increase immersion.

3. Technical Details: A Solution to the Consequences Introduced by the Disabling of the Child Flag
Past killable children mods have caused unique child animations to cease functioning. "Immersive Children" restores these animations with the Keyword "IsChildRace."

Note: There are more animations aside from these that past killable children mods broke. Hearthfire users will especially notice the lack of
adopted child animations. For example, Lucia would not be playing with her doll, and Alesan would not be pouting at that moment.

HINT: Right-click on the image and click "View Image" to see a larger version of it.

4. The Necessity of the One ImCh Patcher

5. "Why should I use this mod?"

Honestly, I would like for you to just install the mod and experience it for yourself, but experiencing the purpose of my mod might take a while and it could get boring just to spend a play session observing children, so I will give you several reasons why it would benefit you to download this mod.
  1. Restored child behavior even after unchecking the Child flag. This is the main purpose of my mod. This is why my mod should be used over other killable children mods. This is the exact reason why I sat down and spent many weeks (rather months) doing the following: learned the ins-and-outs of child AI behavior, learned how to make a SkyProc patcher, learned MXPF scripting to make a much more superior TES5Edit patching script, and came around and even released this mod in the first place. It honestly behooves me as to why no one made an attempt to fix those glaring issues introduced by just unchecking the Child flag.
  2. Immersion. Invincible children are not at all immersive. Mortal children are. Instead of the only survivors of dragon and vampire attacks being children, no person (save for Protected/Essential/Ghost/Invulnerable-flagged NPCs) is exempt from the danger of these vile predators. Everyone has the potential to die in a village attack. It is up to you to defend that helpless child being chased by a wicked vampire. Good on you if you save that child. You're a hero. On the other hand, if that child were to die, it would be a very tragic thing. Perhaps it will ease your self-imposed sorrow if you were to visit that child's urn/coffin/grave in respect.
  3. Moral dilemma. This semi-relates to immersion. Say you're trying to burglarize someone's house when they're not home. You're stealing their valuables and then suddenly their child catches you in the criminal act. You panic as the child attempts to call the guards. Will you run away and burglarize for another day? Or will you decide to kill the child in order to prevent being caught and getting a bounty on your head? It's your choice.
  4. Child followers; now you can take your child with you on your adventures! With the Child flag checked, children would be perpetually fearful in the combat state. Even if you got a Child-flagged follower to follow you, they'd never participate in combat because of the fearfulness hard-coded into the Child flag. Now with my mod, the Child-flagged fearfulness no longer applies. Only the child NPC's confidence level will determine whether or not the child will fight back. If you find that the child indeed has a low confidence level, just open up the console, click on them, and then type in and enter "setav confidence 4". That should fix 'em up. Of course, you could easily get this kind of child follower behavior with any other killable children mod, but you wouldn't be getting the other benefits of my mod now would you?
  5. Pickpocket children. This isn't possible in the vanilla game. I'm not sure why Bethesda didn't allow children to be pickpocketed. Anyway, my mod enables child NPCs to be pickpocketed, so pickpocket away. You might find good stuff in their pocket, like their house key. Very useful, amirite?
  6. Child followers will now act like children. Let's take Raeza, Patricia, and Yumi as examples. Although they're all technically child followers, in actuality they are not really children because they don't have the Child flag checked. This is necessary so that they function properly as followers (see Point 4). However, since they are not actually children, they won't be able to use child animations, such as the dedicated child sitting animation. Instead, if they all were to sit down, they would instead assume the adult sitting animation shown below:

  7. As you can see, problems occur when children assume the adult sitting animation, such as clipping. Keep in mind that this is exactly what happens with Raeza, Patricia, and Yumi if you do not have any other mods installed. Immersive Children allows them to use child animations while still functioning properly as followers:

    If you wanted Raeza, Patricia, and/or Yumi as your child(ren), this mod allows them to act like children while still maintaining their follower functionality. The SSEEdit patcher will allow them to assume child animations.

6. Requirements

*Required to use the MXPF - One ImCh Patcher.

7. Installation

NMM, Vortex, or MO2 is recommended for easy installation. If you are doing a manual installation, the files are in separate folders but should be easy to tell which is which, then place the files to Skyrim Special Edition's Data folder.

Check the compatibility section for conflicting mods that need to be resolved with the "One ImCh Patcher".

NOTE: If you do not play with any mods that edit and/or add "ActorTypeNPC" race records and "ActorTypeNPC" furniture records, you DO NOT need to use the MXPF patcher. For example, if you play an un-modded or USSEP-only playthrough, you absolutely do not need to use the patcher.

Instructions on using the "MXPF - One ImCh Patcher"
Pre-Step 1: If you haven't already done so because you never had a need for patching until now, install SSEEdit.
Pre-Step 2: If you're not a mod manager user, navigate to the (Your Steam games installation directory)\Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory. Otherwise, search for where ever your mod manager placed the Immersive Children files.
Pre-Step 3: Cut the "Edit Scripts" folder and paste it into the SSEEdit directory. Overwrite all if asked.
Pre-Step 4: Use LOOT to sort your load order. VERY IMPORTANT.
  1. Launch SSEEdit. (Launch via mod manager if you're a mod manager user.)
  2. Press OK and wait until the "Background Loader: finished" message at the bottom shows up.
  3. Click on any of the plugins you loaded on the left panel. Make sure the plugin is highlighted.
  4. Right-click on the plugin name.
  5. Select "Apply Script". A new window will pop up.
  6. Near the top of the window, click the horizontally rectangular box next to "Script". A dropdown box listing different scripts will show up from it.
  7. Scroll down (or up) the list of scripts until you find "MXPF - One ImCh Patcher".
  8. Click on "MXPF - One ImCh Patcher". The dropdown box should disappear.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The window will disappear and a new, smaller window will appear asking you to type something. Name it anything but without '.esp'. I prefer to call the new patch "One ImCh Patcher" or "One ImCh Patch", but it's your choice.
  11. Click OK and then wait until a message like "[Apply Script done] Processed Records: 39, Elapsed Time: 01:04" appears near the botton of the main window. Patching time will vary depending on your computer and load order. If you experience freezing, do not worry; this is a normal occurrence (this is likely due to the nature of RACE records possessing A LOT of information for SSEEdit to read).
  12. Patch created!
Post-Step: Create a merged patch to ensure that all the edits you want for the patched records have been forwarded.

ALWAYS RERUN THE PATCHER WHEN ADDING OR REMOVING MODS FROM YOUR LOAD ORDER!!! Treat it like a Merged Patch or Bashed Patch but run it in this order:

One ImCh Patcher -> SSEMerged Patch -> Bashed Patch

Special note: Keep the patch created by the One ImCh Patcher near the bottom of your load order or, at least, below any plugins that include override records to records added to the created patch. DO NOT USE LOOT TO AUTO-SORT ITS PLACEMENT! LOOT IS STUPID AND WILL PLACE THE PATCH IN THE WRONG SPOT (ABOVE OTHER PLUGINS WITH OVERRIDE RECORDS)! Mod manager users should be able to "lock" the created patch at the bottom.

If you get this message: "MXPF Error: Can't call CopyRecordsToPatch, no records available." it means there are no records needing patching so you don't need to run the patcher for your current load order.

8. Uninstallation

Generally, unless a mod is a simple texture and/or mesh replacer, it is never recommended to uninstall a mod mid-save. However, if you need to uninstall this mod, first in your save, go to a room with no children. Next, enter the console command "stopquest ImCh_DeadBodyCleanUpQuest", "stopquest ImCh_DeadBodyCleanUpQuestHF" and "stopquest ImCh_EssentialKidsQuest", then save your game. Finally follow the directions below.

A mod manager is recommended for easy uninstallation. If you're doing manual uninstallation, delete ImCh.esm, its ImCh - _____.esp patches, and the .pex and .psc files with the 'ImCh_' prefix.

9. Recommendations

I recommend using any mod that overhauls children's appearances in order to get rid of the potato head abominations created by Bethesda. Any child appearance overhaul mod like RS Children or TK Children will do nicely.

Here's a picture of Aeta from Skaal Village:

I also recommend Prince and The Pauper to replace the boring vanilla child clothing with more interesting and varied child clothing. I further recommend Gamwich's Rustic Clothing which is included in the FOMOD installer of PnP.

10. Compatibility

This mod conflicts with other mods that modify any vanilla race records with the keyword "ActorTypeNPC", any furniture records with the "RaceToScale" keyword, and certain placed reference records. This is necessary for you to know because there are many mods out there that alter vanilla RACE records, such as race overhaul mods like Disparity and Imperious. This mod also conflicts with mods that add new "ActorTypeNPC" races simply because these races aren't inherently affected by Immersive Children. As such, it is IMPERATIVE that you use the MXPF patcher (called "One ImCh Patcher"); it will create a patch that will ensure compatibility between my mod and all other conflicting mods. However, if you do not play with any mods that edit or add new 'ActorTypeNPC' RACE, FURNITURE, and IDLE ANIMATION records, you DO NOT need to use the MXPF Patcher.

Also, be sure to watch the YouTube video about Merged Patches at the bottom of this section. A merged patch is something all modders should know how to make and will make your life a helluva lot easier when it comes to dealing with mod incompatibilities in an extensive load order.

When in doubt... RUN THE PATCHER!!!

Compatible mods

Mods with edited/new NPC Races/Furniture potentially* resolved by the "One ImCh Patcher" (my MXPF patcher)
RS Children Overhaul
TK Children SE
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE
Song of the Green
Many other mods not listed here

*My MXPF patcher does not create merged patches; it only forwards the latest overrides of all RACE records in one's mod list. To ensure ultimate compatibility in your load order (or if you only want certain attributes of a record to be present), you must create a merged patch after you have created a patch from the MXPF patcher. See the video below if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Conflicting/Incompatible mods with compatibility patches because of issues outside the scope of the SkyProc patcher
Kaiha - a child follower REBORN (patch included in FOMOD Installer)
The Kids Are Alright SE (patch included in FOMOD Installer)

Conflicting/Incompatible mods that still need compatibility patches because of issues outside the scope of the MXPF patcher
None so far. Will be updated when I am notified or find any myself.

The following mods are made obsolete by Immersive Children simply because they do the same thing as my mod. However, they have issues that my mod fixes.

Obsolete mods

Note: Immersive Children SE does not make Abbalovesyou's Killable Children obsolete because their mod technically adds more features than just making children killable (raises children's confidence in combat, adds weapons to children's inventory so they aren't unarmed, racial abilities to the child races, child decapitation, albeit faulty but it's there..., etc.) so you can use their mod for those extra features alongside this one but you still need to run the One ImCh Patcher!

Found an incompatible mod? Let me know and I will update any of these lists. I might even be able to make a patch as well.

When in doubt... RUN THE PATCHER!!!

NOTE: Although I have provided a SSEEdit (MXPF) patcher that potentially eliminates mod conflicts and a few necessary compatibility patches, there is NO EXCUSE that a user shouldn't create a merged patch. If you don't know what that is, go watch the video below and become enlightened as a better mod user.

For further details about cross mod incompatibility, read the article Immersive Children Compatibility.

11. Issues

There are no issues currently.

12. To-Do List
  • Create a video highlighting the main (and most important) features of this mod.

13. Permissions

I'm not really sure what you would be doing to need permission for this mod, but be sure to ask me for permission first before doing anything with it.

14. Credits

Bethesda for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and its DLCs
ElminsterAU and others for xEdit
matortheeternal for MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Team for USSEP
Shurah for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Ranaline for RS Children Overhaul
tktk1 for TK Children SE
triptherift for The Kids Are Alright SE
tessaractangular for Kidmer - Adoptable Elf Children
EnaiSaion for Imperious - Races of Skyrim
tktk1 for Khajiit Child Maisha SE
zixaphir and Gummiel for Raeza SE - Follower and Adoptable

Special Thanks to

iMACobra, for testing out my mod, modifying the way the Essential quest children are handled (making the EBQO patch obsolete), and some other things
Noctum28, for his suggestion of the SkyProc patcher idea and help on finding SkyProc information
Raider480, for helping me in fixing my SkyProc bat file
matortheeternal for his amazing MXPF libraries and his help with my creating the new MXPF patcher
and most importantly,
acobral (GarlantheGreat) for creating this mod
Everyone who downloaded this mod thus understanding the bitter implications of just unchecking the Child flag and doing nothing else, THANK YOU!!!