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atomec - ported to SSE by Hilli1

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This mod adds a new armor from the blacksmith Ghorza gra-Bagol. A matching weapon set is optional available.

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  • Ukrainian
Ghorzas Armory


This is a straight port to Skyrim Special Edition based on the work of atomec. No changes were made due to the given permissions. The original mod has open permissions as long as the files will not be modified.

Original Mod: Ghorzas Armor- BBE v3_UNP

Under optional files you will find the mod Ghorzas Weapons. It based on the work of atomec as well and includes a merged version of the mods
Svartbough and Orcish Sabre. Both mods have open permissions.

Last but not least there are five retextures available which you can find under optional files too. The retextures were made by Undeadgoblin and are published here with permission from the original author.
Original Mod: Ghorzas Armor Retextures

Note: I don't accept any kind of donations. Furthermore I will not take part on the mod authors donation system in any way. Any earned donation points for all
my ported mods go to the original mod authors to 100 percent. When you feel you should donate, please give some money to the animal shelter next to you.
Of course you can donate the original author when you find a donate-button on the original page. Let modding be free.


This plugin adds an armor to the game. The armor is made by orcish blacksmithing, which is also needed to prepare it themselves.
Includes heavy and light variant. Armor, gauntlets, boots, helmet, shield.
The heavy armor properties are like the orcish armor but the weight is slightly lower. The light armor properties are like a glass armor.
Available at Ghorza gra-Bagol in Markarth. Ghorza, the blacksmith from Markarth has designed her own armor exclusively for female fighters.
Ghorza has gained through her time with the Legion experience and impressions and let this flow into their design of a suit of armor.

This mod is completely standalone. No other items of the original game will be overwritten. The meshes are optimized with Nif-Optimizer.

Note: The original-author does not allow to modify the files to improve it. To be in line with that I cannot offer more as long as I do not come in contact with the original-author and get proper permissions. So please don't ask. I plan to update to CBBE SSE, merge the weapon and armor file and integrate all color variants into the main file when I get permissions.

In addition to the ported original files you will find the following optional files:

- A patch for the mod Auto Unequip Shields to Back
- Optional Textures made by Undeadgoblin.
- An additional suitable weapon set based on atomec's mods Svartbough and Orcish sabre. For crafting you will need the crafting perk: EBONY
  The weapon set comes in a FOMOD installer with different options. An ABT Patch for the bow is included in the installer. English and German language is available.

Item ID's:


Ghorza's Armor:
Ghorza's Boots - XX000D6E
Ghorza's Armor - XX000D6F
Ghorza's Gauntlets - XX000D70
Ghorza's Helmet - XX000D71
Ghorza's Shield - XX001D99
Ghorza's Boots Heavy - XX0048B4
Ghorza's Armor Heavy - XX0048B5
Ghorza's Gauntlets Heavy - XX0048B6
Ghorza's Helmet Heavy - XX0048B7

Ghorza's Weapons:
Ghorza's Arrow - XX001D92
Ghorza's Bow - XX000D63
Ghorza's Sabre - XX0028E0

How to install ?

Use Mod Organizer 2 (recommended) or Nexus Mod Manager and choose your options from the FOMOD-installer.

Wrye Bash does not support FOMOD-installers. As a WB user you will probably know how to handle FOMOD's. One possibility that I know is to use MO2 or
NMM to pick your poison and repack the result as 7zip-file. After that you can install the new created archive in WB.


Skyrim Special Edition

Patches / Compatibility:

The following patches are available:

Auto Unequip Shield to Back by 7StarC
The patch for Auto Unequip Shields to Back adds special backshield models for Ghorza's Shield.
This allows you to worn the shields on back (player and followers only). No ESP needed.
How to use?
1. Install SKSE.
2. Install Auto Unequip Shield to back.
3. Install Ghorza's Armor
4. Install this patch.
For player character:
5. Start the game and mark the shield you want to worn on back as favorite.
6. Equip the shield using the favorites-menu.
7. To stop: Draw shield and unequip or equip non-favorited shield.
For followers:
5. Hire follower and make sure he has a shield equipped) .
6. Tell follower: "You don't need your shield now."  That's it. Now that follower will unequip shield and wear the shields on back.
7. Tell follower: "Grab your shield"  to stop the support for that follower

Known Issues:

none so far

Mods used in pictures:

The character preset is taken from Shiva's Beautiful Presets


Q: Is the mod compatible with ... ?
A: The mod adds new items only. No original assets of skyrim are affected. The mod should be compatible with nearly everything. Only possible conflict is a mod that touches Ghorza's container. The additional weapon set is compatible with everything. Note: Someone will notice, that these weapons are included in the Immersive Weapons Mod. The two mods do not conflict since I changed the path. When you decide to use the Immersive Weapons mod only, you will have the same weapons, however with a different name (Orcish Sabre and Svartbough instead of Ghorza's Sabre and Ghorza's Bow).

Q: Are these armors and weapons added to leveled lists?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can you add another body variant?
A: Not yet.

Q: Does this mod use scripts?
A: No.

Q: Can I savely merge the mod with others?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you port the mod for XB1 ?
A: No.

Q: I found a bug.
A: You can report it in the bugs section of this page. I will try to fix asap.

Q: Are the items lore-friendly ?
A: Yes.


Bethesda (of course)
atomec for Ghorzas Armor, Svartbough and Orcish sabre
Undeadgoblin for Ghorzas Armor Retextures
ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer