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A new armor from the blacksmith Ghorza gra-Bagol.

Permissions and credits

Image by FrankBlack

Image by 83Willow

Video by mrabubu

Video by hodilton

This plugin adds an armor to the game.
The armor is made by orcish blacksmithing,
which is also needed to prepare it themselves.
Includes heavy and light variant. Armor, gauntlets, boots, helmet, shield.
The heavy armor properties are like the orcish armor but the weight is slightly lower.
The light armor properties are like a glass armor.
Available at Ghorza gra-Bagol in Markarth.

Ghorza, the blacksmith from Markarth has designed her own armor exclusively for female fighters.
Ghorza has gained through her time with the Legion experience and impressions and let this flow into their design of a suit of armor.

First and foremost, I have made this mod for myself in order to prepare my female Character for Dragonborn (not required). Moreover, it is a complement to my other mods, Svartbough and Orcish Sabre.
Of course I want them also provide to people who are looking for a armor for their female Character, without expectation that everyone likes it.
No curvy version, because I prefer it less ample.

So, here is my first armor mod release.

Note, to prevent incompatibilities with mods like SkyRe or Requiem, you may
download the optional "Ghorza's Armor NP" (non purchasable version) esp. file.

If you have the respective mods or want to use they, I recomand to download the optional files "Svartbough lesser greenish " and " Orcish Sabre lesser greenish " for a better matching to the armor. Main files required.

Have fun playing!

This plugin was created with Blender, Gimp, and the Creation Kit
For the basic shapes of boots, pants and gloves and the helmet tail, I modified originals from Bethesda, also the texture of the helmet tail.
For the chainmail coat, I modified the upper part of an torso from Caliente's body mod.
All other meshes, as plates, belts, buckles, shield, helmet and details and all other textures are own creations.

When using the plug in or parts of it for projects that are published
I ask for a reference to me as the author of Ghorza's Armor.

If there are severe issues, please report.

You can contact me at skyrim nexus

My thanks goes to Bethesda and nexus network
especially to Caliente for the CBBE body and Dimon99 for the UNP body
Very many thanks to 83Willow. She made the amazing images with the beautiful orc Claymora
I would also like to thank asianboy345, who inspired me to make an UNP Version,
hodilton and mrabubu for the videos, FrankBlack, also for great images
and as last Aruberikku, who fixed some wrong texture resolutions.