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Adds enchanted versions of the weapons from Heavy Armory. Includes both vanilla and Summermyst enchantments, with support for MLU.

Permissions and credits
What does it do?
Despite the pretentious header image, all this does is enchant the weapons from PrivateEye's excellent Heavy Armory with both vanilla and Summermyst enchantments, and distribute them through the existing leveled lists for enchanted weapons.

Mainly weapons with existing sublists are covered: Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, Ebony, Daedric, Nordic and Stalhrim. I have, however, included silver weapons as well, and you'll often have a chance of receiving one of those whenever you would normally receive a steel weapon. Draugr may also carry Heavy Armory variants with frost enchantments, whenever they would have an enchanted weapon in the first place.

How do I install it?
Place the mod below both Heavy Armory and Summermyst (and below both MLU and the Heavy Armory MLU patch, if you use the alternative MLU version) in your load order.

Any other mod that edits the enchanted weapon sublists will need a patch.


Made for Heavy Armory version 3.3 and Summermyst version 3.07.

Summermyst is a requirement for now, which might change if I find the time and motivation to strip it down to a vanilla-only version. If you do that yourself, let me know! I can either upload the file here, or link to it, if you'd rather upload it on your own.

If you use MLU, Everwatch has merged this with both the Heavy Armory MLU Patch and the Weapon AF patch here. This version also offers a vanilla variant, without the Summermyst requirement.

PrivateEye for the excellent weapons pack
Big thanks to Martinezer for his SSEEdit script Generate Enchanted Versions
EnaiSiaion for making enchantments fun

Heavy Armory