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Vanilla VR Skyrim does not allow more than 18 perks in a single tree. Having more perks would cause an instant CTD. This mod extends the number of available perks to 72, enabling the use of many perk overhauls on the nexus.

Permissions and credits

With bringing skyrim into vr, it seems as if Bethesda forgot about some of our favorite mods. Ordinator, PerMa, Path of Sorcery, and many more that overhaul various things that bring new life into the game, extending the fun playability by hours on end. But what do these mods all have in common? More than 18 perks in a single tree!

Trying to load any of those mods would cause an instant CTD when trying to select a perk because Bethesda's perk tree UI could only support 18 perks at a time.

Well no more! You want perks, we got them! And if you call within the next 15 minutes, I'll not only double your perks, not only triple your perks, but quadruple your available perks! That's 54 extra perks per tree for the great price of: Absolutely free!

Requires SKSEVR to be installed to function.


Not all the perks are removed from view as you switch from tree to tree. Does not impede functionality, but you will see extra perk names except on the trees that use the highest number of perks. We are looking into this, but I am deciding to release this early as it allows people to go ahead and play with these perks. 
Fixed! Hopefully. Let me know if you continue to see any remnant perks that shouldn't be there.
Also works with: Skyrim VR beta update

If any further perk mods do not work, please submit a bug so I can test!

Help! It doesn't work!

First, make sure that SKSEVR is installed. Mod no longer requires or operates with xSHADOWMANx's DLL Loader. If you're updating from the previous version, you may have to manually delete it out of the \Data\Plugins\Sumwunn folder. The two versions will not play nice with each other.

Otherwise, the issue may be with one of the perk mods you have installed. Please, create a bug report and list what perk mods you are using so I can look at it and test myself.

Any mods that require over 72 perks in a single tree (Such as Mayhem) will not function. Unfortunately I may be unable to fix this, due to skyrim rendering perk details to a texture for the VR version of the game, and there is limited space.

If you're still having issues running this mod, multiple people have reported that changing iIgnoreExpectedProcessName to 1 has in the ini fixed crashes. Not sure why this is the case, as it has been coded to look for the vr version of the process, but it is worth a shot. I may end up making that the default setting in future ini's.

Special Thanks
n00854180t - Helping me find code calls and introducing me to the magic of cheat engine
/u/unoimalltht - helping find bits in the interface files.
EnaiSiaion - for being so patient. :3
xSHADOWMANx - For letting his source code be open.
The team at Silverlock - For the magic of SKSEVR