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WIP, and requires SKSE. Currently fixes nearly all of the crafting perk bugs, such as advanced lab, advanced workshop, gem dust/arcane nexus, and Spellscribe/Power Echoes; as well as the archery tree.

Permissions and credits
To fix directional power attacks, please go download Power Attack VR.

Requires Ordinator, VR Perk Extender, and SKSE

This mod restores all of the crafting perks, such as advanced lab, advanced workshop, gem dust/arcane nexus, and spellscribe to working order for Skyrim VR. The perks provide the same effects as in the non-VR version. It's easiest to use this mod on a new character. It is safe to use on a current save, but many perks this mod changes (any that involve a crafting table of some sort, i.e. Lab Skeever, Gem Dust, advanced lab, and advanced workshop) , will need to be removed and re-added if you have already taken them (see sticky for instruction on how to do this).

I've added an optional attack speed replacer for all the melee attack speed perks. I've made this a separate optional file as attack speed does seem to limit how quickly you are able to trigger attacks in game (according to people on reddit, haven't noticed myself). However, I personally cannot swing fast enough to actually hit this limit even without any attack speed perks with how my game is setup, and thus all the attack speed perks in melee felt entirely useless. Thus, I've made this attack speed perk replacer for anyone else that also feels attack speed perks are useless for their play style.

This mod is still a work in progress, I will try to fix as many of the problems as I can. 

Optional attack speed replacer: Changes the Ravage, Man O'War, Aftershock and Massacre perks to no longer affect attack speed and grant other bonuses instead (see changelog for details).

Version 0.5: Changed two attack speed increasing perks in Archery tree since attack speed does not affect bows in VR (see changelog for details).

Version 0.4: As of version 0.4, I believe all the crafting perks (alchemy, enchanting and smithing) are working properly. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Spellscribe casts in the direction you are looking, not in the direction you attack.

Huge thanks to Enai Siaion for creating Ordinator, and to shadowking97 for the VR perk extender.