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Adds some followers to diversify your options when looking for a companion, all of which have quest requirements!

This is a very early version of the mod. I have big plans for the future, including better ways for the player to find out about the npc becoming an ally (letters, sidequests ect.).

Permissions and credits
The mod currently adds 11 Unique Followers using vanilla assets (Skyrim/Dawnguard/Dragonborn). The intended purpose of the mod is to add variety to the Player's choice of follower, since the the Player's choice of (Human/Elf) follower in the vanilla game lacks variety. 

The mod is nowhere near completed, my goal is to have ~10 followers for each playable race (without being disruptive/overwhelming), and I'm hoping that I can get constructive feedback/suggestions/requests for followers that someone might want in the game. Why not be ambitious?

Recommended (NOT Required):
Amazing Follower Tweaks + NoFriendlySpellDamage patch 
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair (Rough/Desaturated) 

The Unofficial Patch  because the "FemaleSultry" voice type has broken follower dialogue without it.

All follower locations and combat habits:

If you find a conflict, let me know what mod(s) are conflicting in the posts/bugs section. If I don't see it for a few hours DM me and I will probably see it within a day or two.

Mods that alter the following quests/world events will probably break this mod: