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Redesign the craft in the smithy, for a more convenient work the list of recipes and atmospheric blacksmithing.

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Author: AlecsZ

Mod changes craft in the smithy to make the list of recipes more convenient. Also books with secrets for blacksmithing have been added. Without them, recipes are not available in the blacksmith. You can craft secrets in the smelter.

In order to see the recipes in the smithy you need to have a blacksmith's perk and a secret in the inventory. And for crafting secrets in the smelter you needs are ingots, coal and paper. To see the secret recipe in the smelter, you need to have the Hammer in your inventory.

Resources for secrets are made on smelter and add to lvl list. In order to see the recipes you must have in your inventory Linen Wrap.

In the mod there are three options:
1) Craft secret books, notes - turn off and turn on crafting secrets in the smelter.

2) "Archery not need perk" -  replaces the craft of bows and arrows with recipes without the requirement of blacksmithing perks, instead of them there is a requirement for the skill of shooting.

3) "Knowledge of blacksmithing" - gives the player knowledge from the books of secrets, which strengthens blacksmithing. To update, you need to discard the secret from the inventory and take, knowledge is added at the second reading.

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Skyrim SE
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - patch in main archive.

Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement - compatible with patch in optional

1. Download the Main file. Install any modmanagers, or manually;
2. Select the patches you need and download them;
3. Play!

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- Thanks Bethesda - for the TESV: Skyrim