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Modest and immersive makeovers of some vanilla Inns: Frostfruit (Rorikstead), Four Shields (Dragonbridge), Sleeping Giant (Riverwood), and Moorside (Morthal).

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I got requests to merge my separate vanilla Inn mods, and I've been sitting on this for a realllly long time tweaking and letting them languish on my PC. Here it finally is and released for SSE!

Tired of all those village inns looking the same?  If you like it please Endorse, and don't forget to add your own images!! :)

Traditional Chinese, by Stchi Wong


Shouldn't Dragonbridge's tavern at least be somewhat exciting? After all, it's kind of a big deal as the border town between Imperial and Stormcloak held Holds, with the inhabitants afraid war will break out over control of the Bridge. This mod makes a few modest changes to the Four Shields Tavern interior to make it unique and add some Dragon flavor.

- Inn walls are darker, richer wood
- Tables rearranged, more seating, better dining!
- Furniture upgraded to "upper" versions
- Loft added with more seating
- Barstools added (why the hell didn't they have any?)
- Massive central fireplaces replaced with Fireplaces at either end, and HearthFires oven
- Foods from HearthFires & Dragonborn DLCs
- Rent Room upgraded
- General "Dragon" accents added in the decor
- Static dice game and cards added (for visual interest)

- Only the Inn's interior is changed, exterior mods will still work.
- All References, static markers, and Navmeshes have been adjusted, nothing deleted that shouldn't be.
- Lighting mods *should* still work, no lighting was changed.
- Texture mods (other than the Inn architecture) *should* still work, no other textures were replaced.
- NPC mods *should* still work, no references were removed, only shifted if anything
- Thoroughly cleaned in TESV-Edit, NO errors!  (Although if you load this in CK, it might give a loading error about the Navmesh not being Finalized.  I don't know why this continues to happen, as I DID Finalize it, several times.)
- Something weird may happen to 3rd person camera view if you use the cooking pot behind the bar.  Not sure why, but it still works.


Rorikstead is famous for it's excellent growing conditions for crops, so I decided to capitalize on that and make it a wine valley. That, and a rustic, farm charm are the center of my new design.

 - Bar stools, tables, paintings, decor, loft, extra seating, etc.
 - New Bard, currently vanilla Instrumental.
 - New Vintner and waitress NPCs with new dialogue
 - Secret basement for wine tasting (also where alchemy and enchanting stations are)
 - Static markers were shifted/preserved
 - Navmesh has been adjusted, tested and finalized
 - Cleaned w/ Tes5Edit, 0 errors!

 - Waitress and Vinter have no dialogue? -- Exit and re-enter. Dialogue starts on entering the cell.
 - Bard has no dialogue? -- Save and Reload

Future changes:
 - Bard will have songs

Also see Part 1:  Anna's Four Shields Tavern (Oldrim)


Poorest of the 9 Holds, situated in a miserable swamp!
Minimal changes:
- Changed tables & seating (I hate those picnic tables w/ your back to the main area)
- Added enchanting and alchemy stations
- Adjusted Navmesh
Future: not sure what else... suggestions?


Minimal changes:
- Changed tables & seating
- Adjusted Navmesh
- Paintings, 2 new foods - Added to the Inn's Merchant Chest
- Very subtle hints to being Akaviri (which is basically Japanese-inspired), hints that come out in the decor, and some of the food they serve, like Salmon sushi. Thalmor are too arrogant to pick up on these hints, even if they ever deigned to drop by.

 - Anduniel - Inn & painting textures, dialogue, voicing
 - Shrike - inn meshes alterations, painting canvas meshes
 - Oaristys & Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
 - Blary - Food Container Resource
 - Jokerine's Miscellaneous Clutter
 - Runspect - Resources for Modders - teapot & teacup meshes
 - Artisanix - Paintings and Frames - painting frames
 - Jet4571 - Painting Resource - normal maps for painting canvases

Hi!  I'm a professional voice artist and an audiobook narrator on Audible!

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