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  1. MithelCelestia
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    Is there an option for the soul to prioritize a gem with a filled soul over an empty gem? I feel like if there are no empty gems for, lets say a greater soul, but there is a greater soul gem(lesser) and a grand soul gem(empty), if I capture a greater soul, the soul will always fill the empty soul gem. How do I prevent it from doing that?

    Or NVM. Dropping the soul gems while I was testing in an effort to remove the soul(which didn't work) might've caused... something to the mod and it didn't register the half filled gems anymore.
  2. daseisen
    • member
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    сan i catch black soul to the smaller gems?
  3. Originseternal
    • supporter
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    is there a way to combine this mod with the  Named soul gem mod
    but only for black soul gems? can somebody add a feature for it to "name" a black soul gem? "black soul gem: Grelod the Kind"
  4. skyrimlover1212
    • member
    • 860 posts
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    Truly an Essential Mod.
  5. MafiaFlys
    • member
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    I am not sure if I did something wrong. I killed a Grand soul, it shows a message of soul shrunk, but only filling the Greater Soul Gem. It did not put the leftover to the smaller soul gems. I did not even get soul discarded notification. I tested the discard notification on a human and it worked.

    P.S. Can someone explain a little on the difference on GIST and YASTM? I am quite confused on which one to use.
    1. kalavika
      • supporter
      • 3 posts
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      I think defference betweeb them are may be this one.
      quoted from the YASTM description:Note that black souls are considered special and cannot be split or shrunk in any circumstance.
  6. liltom0293
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Thank you so much for this mod.  Can't play without it anymore. Anybody have a workaround for soul gems not getting sorted from house mods after using GIST?  I noticed generally ones you put in chest yourself still work but Leveler's Tower sort all button from inventory doesn't work for gems anymore. 
  7. Daresouma
    • member
    • 307 posts
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    Would a Patch for "Truly Undead - Reborn" be possible? It adds a resurrection feature to all Undead which can be bypassed via different options, one which is soul trapping. But it seems that due to the edits of GIST, the soul trapping, no matter if it's the spell or an enchanted weapon, the Undead keeps resurrecting while all the other options still work. Appreciate it. And amazing mod, truly one of my favorite mods to have as it makes something that should have been made from the start. Endorsed, of course.
  8. XavecTelvanni
    • member
    • 1,022 posts
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    Wondering why Azura's Star was changed to only fit grand souls?  Also, my black soul gems are capturing white souls, petty and so forth and will not dump the white soul to take the black soul of an NPC such as a bandit.  The bandit soul just gets discarded.  (I have the options unchecked in MCM but it doesnt seem to matter).  Typically, once I get the star, which I almost never turn black, I use it for charging my weapons.  I also never bother with anything less than grand gems and go on mammoth hunts to fill them.  I really miss not having Smart Souls from Legendary.  It made perfect sense to me that souls fit the gems they were designed to fit and that size was more or less irrelevant.  Common gems only fit common souls, grand only grand, etc..  Hoping there is something like this in the works but I haven't found it yet.
  9. rjberg
    • premium
    • 150 posts
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    I made a patch for the flawed varla stones:
  10. Fureio
    • supporter
    • 157 posts
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    weird ass bug where soul trap quit working. Did a lot of troubleshooting including reinstalling this mod. The only way to get soul trap working again was to change the script completely using this:

    Great mod when it did work. In the mod authors defense - I have about 800 mods installed. I'm not going to blame the author for this. Could very well be one of my hundreds of mods made this mod flip out. 
    1. icannotaim
      • premium
      • 218 posts
      • 16 kudos
      Thanks for posting this solution.  The GIST mod no longer works for me either (lots of mods), but the linked mod fixes the ability to trap souls at least (if not more).
    2. amirdovahkin4life
      • member
      • 569 posts
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      ASGMT solved this problem for me too. Do you know what the root of this problem might be?