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  1. Marseo
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    nope, didnt fix a thing. Cartoonish movement was if anything worsened in this mod! Takes some nerve to call a mod "Immersive Movement" and still have wolves and other animals if anything worse. Wolves and Bears do not bounce out of V-turns like a giant rocket was lit up their backsides. Horrid!
    1. Ayserxx
      • member
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  2. nate1232
    • member
    • 386 posts
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    I'm about to start a playthrough with your mod installed. I just wanted to let you know, the name of your rar file is NMM Installer, which makes it difficult to find in the downloads list. I hope you'll consider adding the name of your mod to the packaged mod!
  3. sstickman
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    Im using ur fallout 4 version of this and i really liked it going to try this out on my next playthrough this summer

  4. TheEbonslayer
    • member
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    The mod seems amazing, I especially like the combat movement speed changes. Question though, is there any chance whatsoever you would consider porting this to Oldrim?
  5. easywolf
    • supporter
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    Anyone know how I can disable that VERY annoying option that freezes you for about 1 second after firing usually the first arrow on some targets?

    How can i do this? Please help, it's killing me. These are my combat mods installed in this order as per loot: Thanks!

    43 2b Immersive Movement.esp
    44 2c Immersive Movement - Wildcat Patch.esp
    65 41 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
    66 42 UltimateCombat.esp 
    1. baronblansit
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      A patch of 2 mods should always go after the 2 mods the patch is patching.
      Your load order in your example would be:
      Immersive Movement.esp
      Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
      Immersive Movement - Wildcat Patch.asp
      But keep in mind that your load order will dictate which mod will overwrite the others. In you example UltimateCombat wins over the other two simply because it is lower in the load order. So that any values that are changed by Immersive Movement or Wildcat that have anything in common with Ultimate Combat, will be overwritten by UltimateCombat because of load order. It all depends on which properties of each mod you want to keep versus overwrite. Load orders are tricky and satisfying once you get a load order that is not only fun to play but stable with not CTD's. I hope this little bit of information is of some use, and I hope you can find that sweet spot that makes your game enjoyable.
    2. obpluto
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      It seems that the current LOOT is able to handle the load order of the patches properly. Now it works all right.
  6. javikrules
    • premium
    • 62 posts
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    Has anyone used this with Vigor? I can't figure out if they conflict or complement each other.
  7. kelvinmann
    • member
    • 440 posts
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    by "vampires are rapid and deadly" do you mean vampire lords or humanoid vampires?

    also i think the vampire lord on ground mode is a little too fast, is it possible to only change the speed for the ground form?

    Thanks and this mod is freaking amazing, voted for mod of the month :D
  8. sodapoptwenty
    • member
    • 100 posts
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    Can you please port it to oldrim? Or let me know how
    1. vogues
      • premium
      • 183 posts
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      Very interested in original Skyrim as well since it's the only way to get parallax
    2. Zuun
      • premium
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      Yes please.
      And for Enderal also.
  9. Murielkai
    • supporter
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    Is there a trick to getting Immersive Movement to work with Wildcat? I read somewhere the load order should look like this but I can't find it anymore and I've tried everything, the below load order seems to only work intermittently:

    Immersive Movement
    Immersive Movement & Wildcat patch

    Is this correct?
  10. KombattWombatt
    • member
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    **Great mod, but its causing NPC's to run around like Fred Flintstone far too often. Not sure if its just the mod or a conflict, but it goes away when I remove the mod. Too bad, really....Let me know if you want anymore information.**

    EDIT: Hmmm, it seems it isn't your mod after all... It came back after playing for about an hour... seems to only target women, so....anyways, sorry! This mod is good!