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The lock model is getting better.
Port to SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION original Skyrim mod Lockpicking Interface Redone by FrankFamily.

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My previous work(first mod on Nexus): YAZ-FISH OF MY DREAM FOR REQUIEM

A year ago I was already doing the port of this wonderful mod under SSE, today in
the morning I decided to remake my work and put it on the Nexus.

It seemed to me that the model does not look right, and tonight I remodeled my port, now it looks exactly like on Old Skyrim. I have already posted new screenshots, you can see them. Old versions are completely removed from the Nexus simply because they are not correct. It took me two months to understand what was wrong with the model. What an idiot I am! I hope you will forgive me.

As all my mods, it's FREE and NEXUS-EXCLUSIVE, if you see it on Steam it's stolen.

----Lockpicking Interface Redone----

"Re-Thought, Re-Modeled, Re-Textured, Re-Done"
by FrankFamily

Say bye bye to those ugly locks found all over skyrim and rejoice as you open the new locks featuring 100% from scratch new models and HD textures (2k as 4k wouldn't make sense for something that is fixed on screen and you can't zoom in)
Hopefully lockpicking will be a bit less tedious and certainly more beautiful.

Now the lock is a lot bigger, occupying most of the screen space because anyway that space would be wasted, right?

As both the texture and the model are more detailed and have more unique
details you have more reference points that could make lockpicking a
 bit less tedious without cheating.

Textures have been optimized as much as posible, including removing all mip-maps as they are not needed
because the distance between object and camera won't change and file
size is reduced substantially.


videos by SupertinCorpsehatch and Nozi87, thanks a lot :)


Use NMM or simply copy the files included in the download (meshes & textures) to Data folder and overwrite if asked to.
NOTE: you will get very weird results if you install only meshes or only textures, both are needed.

To uninstall delete the files you copied or start using NMM.

Files Included:


Partially compatible with interface mods like: Kenmod - Lockpick pro in the sense that it won't fit as well as vanilla did as the lock is now a lot bigger, occupying most of the screen space.

Incompatible with other mods that replace lock textures, not including those that
change only the lockpick itself and not the lock as i haven't touched
lockpicks, may do it on a future update though.


I really appreciate positive or negative-constructive comments, user
screenshots and videos, thanks in advance and hope you like it.
Stay tunned for more mods comming in the future.

Thanks for FrankFamily Lockpicking Interface Redone

If you need me, if you love me, if you want to support the direction of my work, join my PATREON.

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