Skyrim Special Edition

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A massive world overhaul mod for Skyrim, fps friendly. TPOS Complete has been revamped, corrected, optimised, expanded upon and is a no compromise mod which I have developed for immersive pleasure and game play.

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The purpose of the mod:
When I conceived of this mod in the beginning I wished to develop a lore friendly mod, as best as, which would deliver a sympathetic improvement on the game's elements, such as the Nord way of life, the nature of the Thalmor and the plight of those in Skyrim. To mix up and change the environment so the player could continue re-exploring Skyrim and feel as if they are adventuring into the unknown in some small way, after so many play through's. To create a diverse and fun mod which kept Skyrim worth exploring again and again and expanding on its growth to maintain the enjoyment of the game.

I have endeavoured to stick to these principles throughout the many years of making this mod, so you, 'The People Of Skyrim,' have a experience which brings a new freshness to the game. 
You will need to come to understand the interior and exterior worlds once more and the new dangers which you will face. This mod is not a linear experience; you will meet enemies whom are more than you and less than you at every level. On saying that of course it is you who will put yourself in danger in most cases. You can level up with relative ease as you would without this mod.

This mod changes every town, city, village and includes many new settlements. New civil war spawns, bandit attacks on towns, cities and villages, new injection of dragon spawns, new border holds, and so the list goes on of new additions to the game. All content is new and doesn't affect the vanilla quests or game. 
I removed NOTHING of the vanilla game, the new dragon spawns are released by completing the main Dragonborn quest line. Dragons spawn from 1 to 4 dragons depending on the stages completed; and please note if you have reached, for example, in game the quest stage of, Alduin's Bane MQ206, and visit an area you have not been to before, you may get more than you have bargained for. As in any given area I have placed independent dragon spawns which have been triggered to go off at different stage completions. So it is possible you may end up with a total of 7 dragons at any one time. 
XB users have tested the mod for XB compatibility, and had no issues with running such encounters, so I consider the PC will not be an issue if you run your game set up correctly. 
I myself have had no issues in testing and you can see my videos on Monsters, Men, & Dragons.

There are many new house's for the user to use and new forested areas and so much more. I have not listed everything intentionally.
TPOSC should be an adventure, however if you view the map below and watch my videos you will soon get to grips with this mod. Now, go away now, go play, go adventure...and good gaming folks!

Location Map For The People Of Skyrim Complete. Not all wild locations are shown. This map does need updating but most information is correct it doesn't highlight the new content which is the new border holds, bridges, bandit attacks on the towns as MQ stages are complete, with many new dragon spawns, and civil war content.

All Images / Map / Belong To Their Respective Owner[s].

TPOS Complete has been revamped, corrected, optimised, expanded upon and is a no compromise mod which I have developed for immersive pleasure and game play.A massive world overhaul mod for Skyrim, fps friendly.

More videos on TPOSC content is pending.

: A one hundred percent navmesh mod. Take your followers anywhere.

: Linear & nonlinear game play.

: New civil war battles.

: New Border Holds.

:New bridges across Skyrim.

: New collective dragon attacks as you complete the main quest stages.

: New bandit attacks on town cities and villages as you complete the main quest stages.

: Every town city and village has been modified sympathetically to the times and events. The mixed cultures
and agendas.

: Generic NPC's Followers and trainers. ( The generic NPC's will become more engaging in the TPOS 3 questing version )

: The landscape changes are many, varied, with opportunities of gold, blood and death! You will find many
new tests to face.

: New forested areas across the Tundra and beyond.

: New caves, forts, bandit camps and enemies, some of which will spawn only at times of main quest stages 
These spawns are triggered based, hand placed in the world, they might conflict with mods like
Immersive Patrols and such. Refer to load order advice, and test any mod you feel might conflict. 

: New merchants with lots of gold and a thieves merchants near dragon bridge, which comes within the new
settlements across Skyrim.

: As for player houses I have accommodated for all player types in game. Vampire, thief, warrior, mage, or
collectors, you will find what you need.
In some of the Taverns in the game you will find a diary with info on all the abodes and other helpful tips to

: Skyhaven Temple will provide a more immersive experience for you, as you progress through the
questline. Complete the Esbern Skyhaven Temple questline for the new changes to apply.

: There are new followers of every type dotted around Skyrim. Some you can get married to.

: New road travellers, horseback and foot.

: A percentage of caves, ruins of Skyrim have been altered for a more interesting experience. You will become
careful once more, as you face new traps, in some cases you will pay the price and you will not be so sure of your steps, as you once was.

: New ruins, Dwemer, Nordic, imperial, and so on. Reflecting the ancient history of Skyrim.

: There are many other small touches to this mod. For example when dragons attack you will come across
farmhouses burnt out, they are complete beforehand but with no interiors. When you come across them
they will have 'Key Required' when trying to access the doors and you will come across burnt corpses on
the roads and such.

Now for the controversial. There are cheats in the game; a high powered sword which can be obtained
early on, ( found in Dova Hall ) home's to.
Please if you are a purist, just leave these items and homes until you feel the time is right to engage them.
Also there deliberate dysfunctional automatons in some locations. Like Fort Peak, & Bthardamz.

Some people have NO factions to holds, or anyone protecting them or their possessions. Not all life has value and not everyone is brave or jumps in every time a wrong is done...Just like real life!! 

Some segments of the roads have been removed and made more sparse, from war, weather and general erosion. In some areas the tundra long grass has been thinned out with the tundra mossy grass or rock / stone alternative. This is not adding new grasses just changing one vanilla ground texture for another in the CK.
Just some of the many new features of the game.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience.

How to use this mod:
If you are starting a new game from the default intro wait until after Helgen before loading my mod. Go to an interior cell, save, exit game, load tposc, then restart. This action is to ensure no chance of any errors occurring.

Vanilla lod's are provided in the download file for the new structures and forests.
If you are using Mathy's 3D Trees, or Vurts, realistic trees, or other mods of this nature then of course you will need to delete my lod's from ....

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\textures\terrain\ Tamriel

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\meshes\Terrain\Tamriel

then run the lod generator after installing your tree and grass mods with billboards if applicable. Including re running the object lod generator to.

This mod author doesn't support patches for other mods except for the following individual patches found under the load order section below. Make sure you only use those patches for TPOSC not any other TPOS mod.
As for other immersive mods I strongly suggest that you play with this mod on it's own. Get to know it before you add new landscape mods, homes, villages and the like.

Load Order:

Place tpos_ultimate.esm (not an esm file by the way ) at the bottom of your load order. Ensure it stays there! 


Quest Mods ( some exceptions to this - thinking of ESM based quest mods.)
Magic Mods
Grass Mods ( If you still get grass everywhere over other mod / settlements after altering your ini for values..use a different grass mod -this is why a grass mod is placed above settlements etc. Verdant Not Compatible. I use The Elder Scrolls - Veydosebrom the old version and set grass settings to 80 or 90 which doesn't intrude upon my settlements. If you want to use other grass mods you may need to patch for them.  )
Weather Mods
Water Mods other than RW2 OR WATER FOR ENB
Creature Mods (Do not overload your game with to many spawning mods. TPOSC adds dragons - bandits and many new spawns to the game.)
Tree Mods-Skyrim 3D Trees
( textures and meshes changes are no issues. Mods that add lots of new trees to Skyrim is not, as I do this in this version. )

Town, city, Village Mods. ( This version edits all locations, and in most cases exterior areas of the towns, cities & villages too. So other town, city or village mods are NOT compatible. )
NPC Mods. ( Any follower mod should be fine unless it is quest base and adds navmesh or new locations in Skyrim. You would need to test. Mods that add 100's of new NPC's and so on is not advisable. You will overload your game engine quite possibly. )
Alternate Start - Live Another life 
EL&FX - 
Patch and load order information HERE
RLO - Patch and load order information HERE
TPOSC Falskaar Patch Patch can be found here...tpos_falskar_patch_01.esp
TPOSC Alt Start Patch Patch can be found here...tpos_altstart_02.esp
Skyrim 3D Trees tpos_S3Dtrees_patch.esp
Water for ENB if used --- or
Realistic Water 2
Patch For RW2 

NPC MODS ( If you get the black face bug for kids this is another mod altering the meshes. Contact that author for a patch. Some authors have already patched for this mod so check on their pages for a TPOSC patch. )




Install the mod via Vortex or other. Do not let another mod overwrite the textures of this mod or it's meshes.

Uninstall the mod using Vortex or other. 

I intend to listen to reviews on the in-game features and add or adjust as required, for example,
I have added a sea battle or two in regards to the civil war. I will add more in time depending on performance reports and likeability. It is a lot of work for one off battles of about 2 minutes or so.
The same can be said for the new traps in the caves, dungeons, and ruins. I also feel the need to add some finishing touches to some of the towns, but again I await for feed back for now.

Until the new Elder Scrolls is released I will slowly add to the features of this complete version, including interiors and the DLCs. I will replace in time some of the features I removed when reshaping this file.

Until then I look forward to receiving your input on the mod and I hope you'll find it a pleasing experience.