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A small patch that implements numerous fixes and improvements to the Creation Club's Arcane Accessories file, including preventing the quest (The Lost Library) from starting automatically when installed and gifting you some robes.

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Unofficial Creation Club Updates - Arcane Accessories

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I hate it when quests start automatically. Be it a mod, a DLC pack, or whatever we're calling the things you download from the Creation Club, if installing it causes a quest to just appear in my journal, I'm not a fan. It's immersion breaking, for one. Download a few things from the CC, and all of a sudden I have to accept that my character has heard three rumours and received a haul of mail in one go - while at the bottom of a dungeon, no less! 

I have therefore taken it upon myself to rectify the situation, and intend to work through all the files on the Creation Club one by one, making it so that the quests start in more immersive ways, as well as making any other improvements I see fit. 

With this patch installed, "The Lost Library" will no longer automatically start when you load the game. Instead, a note will appear in Tolfdir's room in the College of Winterhold's Hall of Attainment.  Reading it will start the quest. After that, everything should continue as normal.

Additionally, a "Familiar" shader is applied to the conjurable Bear, named spells ("Fenrik's Welcome", "Mara's Wrath" etc. have been removed from the leveled lists), and several balance improvements have been implemented. See the Change Log for details.

Midgetalien has also provided a number of enhancements: the robes are now dis-enchantable, enchantable staffs have been added for each of the new spells, and non-named spells have been removed from the quest's reward for the sake of balance and progression. The new staffs and unenchanted robes have also been added to the leveled lists via Bethesda's Arcane Accessories startup script, so no Bashed Patch is required.

For best results, do not install this patch on a save file that has already been loaded with Arcane Accessories installed. If you do, it won't break your game, but you won't benefit from some of the fixes and you may experience unusual quest behaviour.

Have all of the Creation Club content? Use my All-In-One Patch instead!


  • "Arcane Accessories" from the Creation Club


I am not the original author of the Creation Club file that this patch depends upon. This patch is not supported by the original author(s), in any way, shape or form, and is an independent mod with its own responsibilities and faults.


  1. Make sure you have Arcane Accessories downloaded and installed from the Creation Club.
  2. Download and install the patch, preferably using NMM or MO.  If you want to do it manually, it should be as simple as dragging and dropping the .esp and script files into your "data" folder.
  3. Enjoy!


  1. Uninstall the patch using your mod manager, or delete the .esp file from your "data" folder.  This should safely revert any of my changes back to vanilla.  However, as a rule, uninstallation of mods mid-play-through is not supported by Skyrim, and is a practice that should be viewed with considerable caution.   


Q: I only want to stop the quest from starting and don't want any of the new content. How do I do this?
A: Use v1.0, available in the Files section.

Q: Can I use Midgetalien's Arcane Accessories patches with this mod?
A: All three of Midgetalien's Arcane Accessories patches are included in v1.1 of this mod. You should therefore uninstall them if you install version v1.1 or above. If you try to use them in combination with this mod, you will get duplicate staffs and robes, and while it won't break your game, it will definitely cause odd behaviour. If you don't want their effects in game, or you only want the effects of one or two of them, install v1.0 of this mod, and then install whichever of Midgetalien's mods you want.

Q: I've discovered a bug! Will you please fix it?
A: Of course! Let me know about it in the Bug Reports section and I'll upload a new version ASAP.


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