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A short side quest to recover a set of 2nd Era Dark Brotherhood Armor (can be disenchanted) from an ancient vault.

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A Little Backstory:

This whole endeavor started with converting a mod from original Skyrim, AmethystDeceiver's Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament (for my personal use). I liked the new enchantments and appreciated that the mod provided an easy method for getting the muffle enchantment. However I felt that the mod needed some refining, the additional armor sets were too modular (and allowed for too many enchantments on the player), and I didn't like having 6 additional conjuration smithing spells that I would never use. At the time I had just finished playing an Assassin's Creed marathon, and I liked the idea of having special armor locked behind a door with multiple keys needed to unlock it. So I figured, why not make my own.

UPDATE (10/7/2017): Due to a reprimand from the nexusmods moderation staff,I have changed some of the meshes and textures (the ones that I didn't create) to vanilla assets and I have re-written all of my scripts as I still do not have permission from AmethystDeceiver to use his assets (and I do not believe that I ever will).  Rest assured, the mod still functions exactly the same way, its just that a couple of the items look different now.


  • A short side quest and story (the lore is all told through reading)
  • A "new" craft-able armor set (its brown shrouded armor) with a special matching set bonus
  • 6 enchantments designed to benefit a stealth assassin character
  • One cool vault door (I really am proud of this door)

The Quest:

Starting the Quest: There is a note on the Astrid's  desk (the big map table with daggers shoved into it) called Astrid's Letter in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath. Reading it will start a miscellaneous quest leading to the location Collapsed Glacier underneath the College of Winterhold, interacting with the dead assassin inside will start the quest. The miscellaneous quest is only to provide a lore friendly way of starting the side quest and is completely skip-able, simply go to Collapsed Glacier and interact with the assassin corpse to start the quest Argyn's Masterwork or pick up any of the keystones located in the world.

The Door: The vault door in the Collapsed Glacier needs 5 Keystones to unlock it, 4 of these keystones are located at Dragon Shrines throughout Skyrim and are buried underneath a gravestone marked with a special symbol, the 5th is in a locked strongbox next to the dead Assassin. The exact locations are marked on the map by the quest. Interacting with the vault door with 5 Keystones will cause it to open.

The Enchantments:

Works exactly like the normal muffling enchantment, can be placed on boots.

Vanish: Turns the wearer invisible while sneaking. Movement while invisible will drain stamina, specifically 15 points per second, (when standing still it will regenerate normally) when stamina reaches zero your health will drain instead at a much faster rate, 20 points per second, you can kill yourself this way.

Backstab Mastery: Provides double sneak attack damage with any weapon, (including bows and two handed weapons)

Poison Immunity: Take a guess.

Archery Mastery: Works like the normal fortify archery enchantment, except the value is higher (Starts at 35%) and arrows can be fired 20% faster (it stacks with the quick shot perk)

Red Calamity: A bow enchantment that causes points 3 of bleeding damage for 2 seconds, (values can be improved at the arcane enchanter) if an NPC dies while the enchantment is active they are reduced to a bloody skeleton (the bloody rib cage will contain their inventory, as well as the human flesh and human heart ingredients)

The Armor Set:

Second Era Dark Brotherhood Armor is a brown variety of the standard Shrouded set (I wanted to keep things simple), to unlock the ability to craft it you must collect all of the design notes and journal pages from the quest (they are unavoidable and in the same containers as the keys, don't worry), reading the complete design journal will unlock the crafting recipes of both sets of armor (normal or perfected) in the misc armor menu at any forge. I've also added a recipe for Modified Shrouded Armor and Perfect Shrouded Armor, these two sets use the default shrouded armor meshes and should be compatible with any shrouded armor replacers or texture mods.

Unlike most craft-able armor, the recipes require you to sacrifice a normal set of shrouded armor for the normal version, and the ancient set of shrouded armor for the perfected version. While this may seem counterproductive, I designed the enchantments to be better versions of the default shrouded armor ones, so this is my way of encouraging you to use them.

Both sets of Second Era Shrouded armor are identical in weight and armor rating to the normal and ancient shrouded sets. Both are still considered to be Dark Brotherhood Armor (they have the DB Armor keyword) and will benefit from the matching set bonus, however if an entire set of Second Era Armor (or modified/Perfect Shrouded Armor) is worn the user will gain a 25% stamina regeneration bonus and be 10% harder to detect in addition to the normal 25% armor rating bonus.


This mod should be compatible with everything, (let me know if there are any conflicts).

Created a compatibility patch for Dark Brotherhood Mask Fix - SSE, available in the misc files section.

Will conflict with Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament Armor - SE edition as my shallow graves are in literally same places as his, I used the exact same coordinates. Pick one or the other.

Installation and Troubleshooting:

The zip contains an esp and two bsa files, install manually by extracting the files into the data folder of your SSE install directory or install with NMM.

Sometimes when reading the Assassin Journal the quest doesn't continue, to fix it drop the book, pick it up and re-read.

Collecting the 5 keystones before going into Collapsed Glaicer with the misc quest in your quest list will cause the journal entry for Argyn's Masterwork to display the wrong entry, however the quest can be completed without incident.

If for any reason you wish to cheat, or obtain items from this mod using the console, type help "argyn" to see all of the item ID's. The ID for the misc quest is Argyn01 and the ID for the actual side quest is Argyn02.

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