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A bunch of small but meaningful edits to the enchantments on various items.

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Building off of my other mod: Blackguard and Guild Master Armor Enchantment Swapper I continued making a bunch of small edits to various armor and equipment that bugged me, I combined them all into one file and I figured I would throw it up here and see if anyone wants it, I will re-upload if I make any more changes, I adjust this stuff as I play the game.

Please feel free to leave suggestions.

What Got Adjusted?


Guild Master Armor/Blackguard's Armor: Enchantment values swapped so that the Guild Master armor is better. You work hard for that armor damn it, I don't want it outclassed by an armor set you can pick up for free just by joining the TG.

Masque of Clavicus Vile: The armor material has been changed to Daedric. (Its a Daedric artifact after all, why wouldn't it be considered Daedric armor?) The enchantment values for fortifying speech and persuasion have been boosted from 20% to 35% and 10% to 15% respectively.

Nightingale Armor: Fortify Illusion increased from 17% to 20%, other enchantments match highest levelist version regardless of level when acquiring it.

Savior's Hide: Resist Magic increased from 15% to 20%

Linwe's Armor: Fortify Archery increased from 15% to 20%, Fortify Sneak increased from 15% to 25%, Fortify One-Handed increased from 15% to 20%, Fortify Stamina increased from 15 Points to 40 Points.

The Gauldur Amulet: Fortify Health/Stamina/Magicka increased from 30 Points to 50 Points, on completed amulet and on individual amulet pieces.

Nightweaver's Band: Fortify Sneak Increased from 10% to 15%, Fortify Destruction increased from 10% to 25%

Predator's Grace: Stamina regeneration increased from 1% to 40%

Morvath's Boots: Fortify Sneak increased from 15% to 25%

Diadem of the Savant: Fortify All Spells increased from 5% to 10%

Dragon Priest Masks:

I always felt that the masks were a little under-powered for being "...strange artifacts that defy the laws of time, and grant their wearers powerful enchantments." so I went ahead and made some tweaks so that they'd be worth wearing.

Specific Power changes:

All masks now reduce shout cooldown by 20% (as opposed to just Morokei), and actually say this in their description.

Morokei: Magicka regeneration is now 200% instead of 100%
Nahkriin: Spell fortifying has been boosted from 20% to 50%, also applies 50% hostile spell absorption.
Konahrik: The low health effect now has a chance of .35 as opposed to .15 (I'm assuming this translates to 35% and 15% respectively)
Otar: Elemental Resistances are now boosted from 30% to 40%
Volkun: Spell fortifying has been boosted from 20% to 50%
Volsung: Fortify barter has been boosted from 20% to 30%, carry weight increase went from 20 to 30 points
Krosis: Fortify lock-picking, sneaking (used to be archery) and alchemy have been boosted from 20% to 25%
Ahzidal: Resist Fire is now 75% instead of 50%
Zahkriisos: Resist Frost is is now 75% instead of 50%
Dukaan: Resist Shock is now 75% instead of 50%
Miraak: Fortifies Magicka by 70 points regardless of level when acquiring it


**Note, I am not going to adjust every unique leveled item in the game, only those that you get screwed really hard by getting early and require a lot of time to obtain when rebuilding a character from scratch. An easy example would be the Nightingale bow, it requires completion of the TG questline to obtain and should not be permanently weak just because you decided to do the TG first before any of the other factions.**

The Ebony Blade
: Can now be tempered at the grindstone. I realize that after fully upgrading the blade it has a 25 point absorb health enchantment on hit,  but the actual physical damage is just too small at higher levels compared to other two handed weapons.

Hoarfrost: Frost damage increased from 15 points to 25 points.

Blade of Woe: Cannot be accidentally disenchanted, increased absorb health from 10 points to 20 points.

Bloodthorn: Hidden absorb health enchant increased from 10 points to 20 points.

Nightingale Blade: Absorb Health and Stamina set at 25 Points regardless of level

Nightingale Bow: Frost Damage set at 30 Points and Shock Damage at 15 Points (the max level list entry) regardless of level when acquiring it

Chillrend: Frost Damage Set at 30 Points (the max level list entry) regardless of level when acquiring it

Poacher's Axe: Huntsman's Prowess increased from 3 points to 20 points (to match Bow of the Hunt)

Dragonbane: Dragon Damage enchantment does 40 points (the max level list entry) regardless of level when acquiring it.


This patch should be loaded after other patches that adjust weapons and armor, I would recommend making a bashed patch so that nothing important gets overwritten by this mod. Assume that most mods are compatible from the start.

80% of the changes made by this patch to weapon and armor records are changes to the enchantment descriptions, and I try my hardest to ensure that my mod adjusts as few records as possible that are not enchantment data, but due to the nature of some of the unique pieces of gear I have to make exceptions.

I'll make and update compatibility patches for other mods that I use that will impact this mod, but I will not be making patches for mods that I do not use myself as it is a relative easy fix to make in xEdit. Thank you for understanding.

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
: Patch is available in optional files.

Unique Uniques SE: Patch is available in optional files. (Load after my Legacy of the Dragonborn patch if you are using both so that the UU meshes have priority).

Summermyst - Enchantments of SkyrimPatch is available in optional files.

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