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New Inns and Taverns in Skyrim SE

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First thing I would like to say is that all the credit for the original work goes to menathradiel, who created this amazing mod for Old Skyrim (32bit version). My work was just to port it to Skyrim Special Edition. This mod adds many Inns and taverns in specific points of Skyrim SE map, together with new  NPCs (some of them are merchants). Check the Inns and Taverns original page for detailed informations about the mod (or if you want the old Skyrim version of it). 

*NOTE: Upload this mod on Steam or any other website is NOT ALLOWED!

                                               Inns and Taverns SE Video by Hodilton



Use your favorite mod manager to  install or uninstall the mod. Manuall installation (or Uninstallation) is not recommended and I will not support it (too many folders and files).


This mod will not be compatible with others that change the same places where the taverns and inns are located. Seems to be compatible with The Crossroads Inn but you need to put the Crossroads esp plugin AFTER (bellow) Inns and Taverns one, in the load order. For compatibility with some  Arthmoor mods you will need this patch.


Bethesda for Skyrim SE and Creation Kit 64
Mena for the Original work
Special thanks to GameDuchess and Crystianys for mod test.