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Adds various inns and taverns to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
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You know the story. You've been on the road since the sun was just starting to peer over the horizon, you're tired and thirsty but the nearest town is still many hours walk. If only there was a tavern next to the road where you could rest your weary feet and have a sup of mead...

Now there is!

Search no longer, weary traveller, this is the resting place you've been looking for. For now you will find small inns and taverns outside of the towns and villages, perfectly placed for when you need to get off the beaten path for a well-deserved rest, or when the hour is late and you are in need of a bed for the night.

Translations: Currently there are Czech, Polish, Italian, German, and Turkish translations available. Please note that I do not own or manage the translations of this mod, and therefore they might be out-of-date.

Skyrim Special Edition: There is an SSE version of this mod available here. Many thanks to phoenixfabricio for porting it.

Xbox One: You can download the Xbox version of this mod on the Bethesda website. Many thanks to DissonantValues for the conversion.

Many thanks to pheonixfabricio for making this video. <3

Main version: Fix for window lighting
Modular: Added The Frosty Tankard
Modular: Updated the inns signs and window lights to match main mod

All inns are fully functional with a rentable room, map marker, and non-respawning chest for player use.

Unlike other innkeepers in Skyrim, the NPCs that come with this mod will wander the inn doing jobs and cooking food. They even sleep at night! Making them much more realistic. Innkeepers will sleep between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00, either in their own bed or on a bedroll behind the counter - if you arrive at the inn during this time simply wake them to rent the room, they will show you there and then return to sleeping.



Along with innkeepers, this mod also adds merchants, farmers, and other NPCs. They can be found at various locations in and around the new inns.






Due to the separate plugins for the modular version, it is not possible to have travelling merchants as there are in the main version. Instead, the modular version adds three more Khajiit merchants, in addition to the three existing ones, and all of them will stay put, available to trade inside or outside the inns where they reside.

--Make HD inn signs
--Add provision for player horses outside inns (in progress)
--Inns & Taverns Modular (in progress)
--Inns & Taverns for Solstheim (future project)

Notes on incompatibilities and patched versions planned.
There are many mods that change the same area of the game as both Inns and Taverns and Inns and Taverns Modular, so it will be impossible to list them all. Consider this, therefore, the best known list of which mod clashes with which inn. (This list will be updated as needed.) 

Conflicts that will not be patched - do not install the inns mentioned if you want to use the other mod:
-Hroldan Nightgate and Sawmill Villages - Wintersmith Inn, Heartwood Inn, and Mixwater Tavern
-Anga's Mill Enhanced - Wintersmith Inn
-Blackthorn - Heartwood Inn
-Campsites in Skyrim - Velothi View Inn, The Ghostly View (The mod author of Campsites in Skyrim has a fix listed in their comments section.)
-Seapoint Settlement - Lighthouse Tavern (it really is a shame about this, because the settlement is awesome and the Lighthouse Tavern is not really in a place that interferes, but if you use both you have two lighthouses, and that's just silly.)
-Swift Steeds Stables - Hunter's Rest
-Small-Town Merchants - Hunter's Rest
-Cutting Room Floor - Stoney Hills Tavern (Note: I have been told that if you load Inns and Taverns BEFORE Cutting Room Floor, the two are compatible, but I have not tested this myself.)

Conflicts that will be patched:
-Legendary Cities - Tes Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress - Vernim Wood/Velothi View Inn (a small clipping issue in the stables)
-Expanded Towns and Cities - Hunter's Rest, Stoney Hills Tavern, The Pick & Shovel. Is compatible if you choose the "without inns" option when installing ETaC. I plan to make a combined esp that doesn't include the three inns incompatible with ETaC.
-Shor's Stone - Hunter's Rest. I will move this inn to another location when I make the patch.

Patched conflicts:
-Northern Encounters - Lighthouse Tavern. Moved the lighthouse slightly to the southwest so it no longer covers the building added by Northern Encounters. Download the patched version in the miscellaneous file section. (Modular only)

Other noted compatibility issues:
-Become A Bard - Inns and Taverns does not conflict with Become a Bard, but it has been noted that when you sing in IaT inns, you do not get a journal entry for doing so.
The Crossroads Inn - You must load Inns and Taverns.esp or Inns and Taverns - The Thirsty Mammoth.esp BEFORE Crossroads Inn to avoid landscape issues.
Imperial Mail - Post and Banking Service - Banking book does not function in the following inns: The Thirsty Mammoth, The Tilted Rigging, The Ghostly View, The Frosty Tankard, Velothi View Inn, The Icy Mammoth, Old Windmill Inn, Lighthouse Tavern. Avoid using it when in these inns.

I use X,Y,Z lighting mod and the interior of your inns are too dark.
There is little I can do about this without adding extra light sources within the inns. You are welcome to load the Inns and Taverns.esp in the CK and modify the lights yourself; if you want to release a patched version just send me the link so I can add it to the file description here.

I want to patch your mod for use with X,Y,Z mod. Is that okay?
You are welcome to patch for any mod that you would like, all I ask is that you send me a link to the patched version so I can add it in the description of this file. The same goes for translations into languages other than English.

I'd like to alter your mod for my own private use. Is that okay?
I have no problem with people altering the esp files for their own personal use, be that deleting one or more inns, changing textures, or merging it with other files to save space in your plugin list. All I would ask is that you don't upload your edited files without permission from me first - and I'm likely to give permission unless you've done something really outlandish and non-lore friendly, so don't be afraid to ask me via messaging or comments. I am not really able to offer much by way of technical support for this, but I will try to help you if you are having problems deleting things, and answer any questions you have if I am able.

X,Y,Z NPC added by your mod has died. What do I do?
NPCs who are not essential in this mod will respawn, just wait a while and they will be back. If you have an issue with them being constantly killed by spawning enemies, let me know where and I will try to fix it.

Why can't I upload your mod to Steam?
The short and only answer is because I have used a modding resource that the author has specified cannot be uploaded to Steam. Please do not disrespect that modder's work by uploading this mod to Steam when they have specified not to do so.

Travelling merchant is missing!
Usually, if the travelling merchant is missing, waiting for an hour will make them appear.

BOSS is telling me: "Warning: This file contains 1 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game."
The Navmesh issue has been fixed; BOSS information for this mod is out of date, as is BOSS. Use LOOT instead.

LilaMue for her Silver Cutlery resource.
runsbuns for the idea of custom wines/dishes for the inns.
Xubarku for help in making this mod compatible with Perseid's Inns and Taverns, and numerous other suggestions.
ZeroSaber39 for reminding me to put lights outside.
Prometheus for the excellent ship mesh that I used for The Tilted Rigging
The Gimp for existing.
Nifskope, also for existing.
Multiple online sources for patterns/images/tutorials used in making the various inn signs and other textures used in this mod.
Bethesda for making Skyrim and the Creation Kit, without which this mod would not be possible.

Extract all files/folders to your /skyrim/data folder

See readme for list of files to delete

Will conflict with any mod that changes the same locations.

Known Issues
See F.A.Q. If you encounter any other problems whilst using this mod please let me know in the comments section. I will do my best to resolve.

Latest Changelog
--Modular inn - Lighthouse Tavern
--Also a patched version of the modular Lighthouse Tavern for those using Northern Encounters

--Fixed window lights so they glow at night
--The Frosty Tankard added to modular inns
--Modular inns are all now up-to-date with main version

-- Fixed horse buying outside Velothi View Inn
-- Improved textures for inn signs
-- More modular inns added