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Removes animals from roads, adds bandits at night to roads, and adds patrols and travelers to roads during the day.

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Ever be traveling along a paved road from from one city to another and get tired of killing another bear at the same exact spot you killed a dozen others? Ever get sick of listening to some fox snorting as it "runs away" from you? Ever get sick of goats clopping along and darting infront of you tripping you up? How about them deer and elk? Ever think to yourself that it doesn't feel right having all these animals on a paved road thats a direct link between 2 major cities but hardly any people and if there are people they are either hostile or you just saw them not less than 5 minutes ago? Those are why I made this.

I cleared out animals from the paved roads, and a few from some unpaved. No longer should there be an animal in the same spot on a road everytime you pass by. They do sometimes come from the forests and fields and get on the road just like real animals will but they wont always be there and they wont always be in the same spot.

Then I added a little detail from Oblivion that I thought was missing in Skyrim, guards on patrol while riding horses. Now there are guards outside cities that are riding a horse(usualy, sometimes they walk next to the horse because Bethesda AI). They are swapped out with an apropriate guard depending on the cities civil war alegiance. They only patrol during the day.

I added farmers delivering produce because I always thought it was odd to have all those farms but nobody delivering farm produce. So I made a "chow cow" cow with food baskets on it's back that follows a farmer from a farm to some other location.

I also added "Travelers" that walk the roads during the day from Point A to B then back again over and over. At night they are not on the roads but in an Inn because roads at night are not safe. There are a few merchants among them properly named "Merchant" that will buy and sell general goods.

Last I added bandits along roads at night because bandits need to be someplace doing banditry rather than a cave or fort all the time. These bandits hide along roads awaiting a "traveler" You. They don't ask for toll money, and they wont demand all your stuff. They are bandits and just attack not highwaymen. Sometimes they are alone, sometimes in small groups, some roads have more than other roads, I think some may not have any at all... theres 100 of em so I cannot remember where they all are.

All NPC's use leveled characters, guards and bandits use the vanilla system. Farmers, travelers, and merchants are new NPC's of all races and sex evenly. They use a random outfit and weapon system so even if by chance there are 2 of the same NPC's together they will be using a different weapon and outfit and will look like twins rather than duplicates. Some farmers, merchants, or travelers may be wandering about half clothed, I don't know why since all the outfits used have both sex versions and theres nothing but clothes and boots in their outfit so there should be no conflicts.

If you use the Wait function the whole day/night system may not properly work and you could have some oddly empty roads. Theres nothing I can do about that with my meager scripting ability.

Load order? Above anything that uses one of the cells in this mod and changes it's information such as a mod that adds something to Wilderness 31 -27 and renames it to something else like MyCabin 31 -27 or something like IvarsteadVilemyrInn having the default lighting swapped with a different one. If you have no mods that does that you can put this mod anywhere in your load order. If you have a mod that changes animal markers you choose which one you want to have the changes work.

No animal spawn point or marker was removed from the game, I just moved them to the wilds instead of a road.

Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release
V1.01 Added facegen export. Ooops.
V1.02 Fixed Travelers on horseback AI packages.
V1.03 Fixed water records, two ITM's and one accidently rotated marker removed.
V1.04 Adjusted AI Packages so NPC's wont disappear right in front of the player.
V1.05 Fixed Traveler and farmer outfits.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: Nothing
Incompatible with: Nothing I kow of. May be incompatible with mods that add new locations, such as you may have a predator in your cabins front yard or your house along a road now has bandits there.

Mods that add new animals to the predators level character system but does not change their markers are compatible. Any mod that drasticaly changes animals spwan markers that are on or next to roads will be incompatible (No Road Predators by me for example.)

This mod does not change any level characters including city guards. The new city guards are new but use the vanilla level character system, if you have a mod that changes guard weapons it will affect this mod and regardless of load order this mod will not affect that one.


Use NMM.

Manual for individual files:
1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy the extracted contents into your Data folder.
3. Add the esp to your load order.



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