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Adds new perks to the speech skill to to allow you to get more gold from bounties and allow you to get gold up front

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Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter adds two new perks to the Speech skill tree. They allow you to be able to get more gold from bounties you complete and get a portion of the gold from the bounty up front. (All files ESL flagged)

New Perks:
  • Bounty Hunter (Rank 1/Rank 2): Bounties give you 25/50% more gold.
  • Front Money: You have the ability to ask for the bonus gold you gain from the Bounty Hunter perk up front, instead of getting it at the completion of the bounty.

The base amount of gold you get from completing bounties is taken from four new global variables that you can edit. The default values are 100 gold for Bandit bounties and Forsworn bounties (they use separate global variables so you can give them different values), 250 gold for Giant bounties, and 500 gold for Dragon bounties. The global variables are MissileBountyRewardBandit, MissileBountyRewardForsworn, MissileBountyRewardGiant, and MissileBountyRewardDragon. To change these variables in game, type "set [Global Variable Name] to [Reward Amount you want]" for example "set MissileBountyRewardBandit to 300".

The Front Money perk gives you the option to ask the steward or Jarl for 25%/50% bonus gold you get from the Bounty Hunter perk up front. In order for the Jarl or steward to say yes to your request, you have to meet one of the requirements: 

Requirements (You only need to meet one requirement):
  • Be allies with the Jarl
  • Be thane of the hold (For Bruma, it's completing the Service Rewarded quest)
  • Beat a hard speech check

Perk Tree Patches:
Includes patches for Adamant, Adamant Bard Perks, Ordinator, and Vokrii. I will not be making patches for any other perk overhauls myself, but people are free to make and upload any to the Nexus!

Headhunter - Bounties Redone:
Includes a small ESP patch to make Headhunter and Bounty Hunter work nicely together!

Bruma bounties will give you the bonus gold and you are also able to ask for some gold up front from the steward or Count! The reward amount for Bruma bounties are also determined by two new global variables. By default, they use the values Bruma gave them for their bounties: 250 gold for Bandits and 200 gold for Goblin bounties. The global variables are MissileBrumaBountyRewardBandit and MissileBrumaBountyRewardGoblin.

Includes patches for Missives and some of it's worldspace addons (Solstheim, Bruma, and Wyrmstooth). Also includes combo patches for Missives + Headhunter. Any missive that involves killing something will give you the bonus gold. The missives reward are based on whatever values you have set in the Missives MCM.
NOTE: You are not able to ask for gold up front for Missive bounties, mostly since you are able to cancel missives whenever you want. So theoretically you could get a missive, ask for gold up front, and then cancel the missive. (Also partly because of the amount of dialogue I would have to add to make it all work lol)

Other Compatibility Notes:
Works out the box with Bounty Preview! Most likely not compatible with any mod that significantly alters bounties.

Technical Info:
The bonus gold is fairly straightforward. I edited the BQScript script to check if you have the perk(s) and if you haven't asked for the money up front yet. If you meet the requirement, it will multiply your gold by 1.25 or 1.5 depending on the perks you have. 
Front money adds new dialogue into the bounty quests, BQ01, BQ02, BQ03, and BQ04. (Also to the Bruma bounty quests in it's patch. CYRBQ01 and CYRBQ02). If you meet a requirement to get the gold up front, it sets a global variable made for each of the different quests to 1. This stops the player from getting the bonus gold again at the end of the bounty. Once the player turns in the quest and gets their reward, it sets the global variable back to 0. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk :)

JaySerpa for helping find a way to make the mod more compatible!
Vektile, PaxiePop, Vesku124, Xynerorias, and RainstormWander for helping test parts of the mod!

If you're interested, check out my Twitch!