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Shadowmarks inexorably seared into earth and timber by those that haunt the darkness. This retexture features new symbols and a burned aesthetic.

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| Ennead Banners

How do thieves would have the time to hand-carve their shadowmarks? Wandering guard patrols and many other instances would ruin their window of opportunity.

This mod simplifies everything with a new concept, why not use a branding iron? It can be hid under the bulky Nord cloaks and would actually provide them some warmth while committing their odious deeds. This explains the straight lines and burned appearance the new shadowmarks portray.

  • 2K/1K/512MB textures & normals options. A wood and stone specific normal map was created for each symbol rather than one normal per symbol, insuring the highest level of quality.
  • Burned appearance to match with the idea that these are applied with a branding iron.
  • Color palettes were selected to match Noble Skyrim, so if you use other texture packs it might not give you the intended experience.
  • The new symbols are created to match the new Thieves Guild banner in Ennead Banners. As with every mod I make, they're specifically tailored to be used together, so if you use any mods I've made, this will blend seamlessly into your game.
  • Compatible with Shadowmarks by Arthmoor.

  • 4K won't be happening because the meshes and other factors limit the visible texture quality to 2K.
  • Screenshot submissions are welcome! Images are scarce currently because it can be difficult to discover where the shadowmarks are located.

  • 1. Download via manager button.
  • OR 2. Paste into SkyrimSE/Data folder.

Texture art by Koveich