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Patch to make Skyrim Radioactive- Solitude Docks and Solitude Expansion compatible with each other.

Permissions and credits
This mod is the result of my efforts to make the Solitude Docks part of Skyrim Radioactive compatible with Solitude Expansion for my own personal game. It got to a point where I figured I might as well upload it to the Nexus.
Admittedly I did make some changes in certain areas to suit my aesthetics as well as adding a basic blacksmith, because I thought the townspeople needed somebody to make their pots, pans, and irons. Since it wasn't my intention to make a late game merchant, he's mostly just there for immersion. 

Solitude Expansion
Skyrim Radioactive SE

Compatible with:
Solitude Exterior (recommended) (I use this, and some navmeshing is designed around this mod, but it isn't required and not having it won't cause much issue.)
Convenient Bridges (recommended, but needs a patch from SkyR)
Alternate Start- Live Another Life (recommended)

Not compatible with:
Better Cities Solitude (exterior only)
Better Docks

Recommended load order:
SkyR - Solitude Docks
Solitude Expansion
Solitude Exterior Addon
Convenient Bridges
SkyR - Solitude Dock CB patch
This Mod

I'll try to update this as much as possible, and if anybody has any suggestions, or if you find any area that needs to be fixed, please let me know.

Version 1.1: found some extra floating doors related to Solitude Exterior Addon, so I removed those.
Version 1.2: updated to fix issues with Solitude Expansion 2.065 and SkyR- Solitude Docks 1.3
Version 1.22: cleaned up some errors in the file

I've been messing with the Creation Kit since the days of Morrowind, but I haven't done much extensive work, and I've never uploaded anything before. I believe I have my permissions in order, but if I'm mistaken please let me know and I'll correct my error. 

Special thanks to:
Ceasirius for Solitude Expansion
Stromvik for Skyrim Radioactive SE
Roserosenbergfr for Skyrim Radioactive 
bjs_336 for Solitude Exterior