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A simple patch to give the innkeepers of modded lands/locations the dialogue for Simple Inn Bath. Beyond Skyrim:Bruma, Falskaar, and Obscure's College of Winterhold.

Permissions and credits
When using Simple Inn Bath, some modded innkeepers don't have the option because they use a custom faction. This patch adds the right faction to their innkeepers, so you can access the bath. This patch makes no other changes to the inns. Read the original mod-it's a independent cell of its own where you can bathe and works with all/most bathing mods. 

Jerall View Inn
The Restful Watchman
Snowstone Rest
Aleswell Inn

In the Jerall View Inn, I gave the dialogue to Lassinia, since Stantus is sometimes unavailable for dialogue (too busy being angry at the bard!). There's already a bath in that inn, downstairs, but it's got a chatty patron. I won't judge you for wanting to be alone. 

Amber Mead Inn - Added new patches for Modpocalypse Versions 1-3

Obscure's COW:
Thelsa in the Hall of Acumen - If you have JK's COW overhaul, there is a bath added elsewhere, so you don't need this patch. 

I'll add more as I travel. 

Simple Inn Bath 1.3 and the mod you are patching. 

It shouldn't interfere with any other mod, unless you have appearance overhauls. These are .ESL flagged .ESPs and won't take up a space in your load order. 

Place the .ESP after your new land/location mods. 

The Beyond Skyrim:Bruma team
Aukmat-aproco for Simple Inn Bath
AlexanderJVelicky for Falskaar
SomethingObscure for Obscure's COW
ModpocalypseGaming for Modpocalypse Falskaar