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Play an immersive, lore-friendly quest that features 105 lines dialogue, free hugs, a Dunmeri wedding ceremony, experience buffs and meals.

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This mod is 100% SFW.

Disclaimer: my first mod about Teldryn involved pirate ships, snark and assorted dangers (more on this down in the description).
Being naturally inclined towards action and plot twists, I didn't really want to build this marriage mod, but...
bringing that story to life was so much fun and rewarding I simply wanted to do continue this magic quest creation work.
And here we are.

Why is Teldryn so loved by the community?

Deadpan Snarker: Surprising for a mere faceless sellsword sitting in the corner of some backwater inn,
but Teldryn surpasses Marcurio, Erandur, Mjoll, Cicero, and even Serana as the generally most talkative follower in the game. He's got a unique line of dialogue for almost every city, village, monster lair or dungeon on both Skyrim and Solstheim,the majority of which is either sarcasm, contempt, or black humour.

 Cultured Badass: You don't bathe? Well, too bad, Morrowind's finest swordsman will take his services elsewhere.

Hidden Depths: Appears to be a strong believer in free will and bears animosity towards anything or anyone
that takes it away from others or would willingly give it up (including
Vampires, Werewolves and Spriggans of all things).

Magic Knight: a Dunmer Spellsword to be exact.

Professional Killer: a hired mercenary.

Basically an all-around badass. He's voiced by "Dan Donohue, a Grammy-nominated Shakespearean performer who also portrayed Scar in Disney's Lion King on Broadway, which explains a lot" says 
writer J.L. Hilton.

Legendary Edition >Here<


105 lines of perfectly spliced vanilla dialogue for a short, immersive and lore-friendly Quest.

• Free Hugs! Hug Teldryn anytime and receive a +10% experience boost.

This isn't Skyrim, outlander! The wedding will be celebrated according to the tradition of the Dunmeri culture in Raven Rock.

• Roleplay. You can marry Teldryn with either a male or female character. And you can interrupt the wedding. He will never give you a second chance.

• Safe to install mid-game. No vanilla content has been edited.

To each their own. Teldryn is a mercenary, not a merchant. He will not open a shop, but he will cook for you.

• New content. Belsur and Neleri will assist you and they will point you to a secret location.

Requirements and Compatibilities

• This mod should be compatible with everything.
Not compatible with "Solstheim for the Dunmer".

• The dialogue option "I'm interested in you" only appears during the day in Raven Rock. If it's gone, it's probably night in your game (or you're not in Raven Rock) and you have to wait for the next day. This to avoid having the ceremony at night.

• The priests in the Temple of Raven Rock must be alive (Galdrus and Elder Othreloth).

• Talk to Teldryn in Raven Rock city during the day.

• While being in the cave, there is a chance Teldryn will compliment you about the 'nice place you have here'. It's a natural consequence of the vanilla dialogue, as the cave is set to be player owned. It offers the well rested bonus and a no-respawn chest.

• Do not start fights after you've talked to Teldryn, or he will come to defend you and the quest will be interrupted. Just go to the Temple and then get back to Teldryn.

• For low level players, there is a chance that the Ash Spawn will "kill" Teldryn and he will lose his follower dialogue at the end of the quest. How to prevent and fix: reload a previous save and make sure he doesn't get thrashed to death.

The hug is an unused game feature:
here's what you need to know about it.

• Do not hug Teldryn if you have a weapon drawn.
If you remain stuck, simply unequip and re-equip the weapon. Do the same for him.

• If you hug Teldryn while standing behind him, he will probably start walking backwards.
Just use the sprint-run and bump into him so he will fix himself.

• The hugging animation plays only if you're standing on the same ground height.

• It might unexpectedly kill you or Teldryn since I recently discovered this is an unused killmove. I'll work on an update.

Wait... There's more quests

Teldryn Serious - Legendary
Teldryn Serious - Special Edition (Also available for Xbox)
It's an extensive, full voiced and lore-friendly adventure about Teldryn's past.
It features 450+ custom dialogue lines, reworked exactly as you've seen in this mod.

You are not allowed to reupload my mods to your sites.
People who play my content have the right to contact me through the site from which they've downloaded the mod.
So I have the right to retain full control over the content I upload.
If this mod is anywhere else besides Nexus and Bethnet, it is stolen. Please report the stolen file if you see it. ~Undriel
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Here's your Dunmer-style bouquet
Thanks Karunavai for some of the screens!