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Breathes more life to the player wedding scene by playing a new paired animation between you and your groom/bride.

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If you enjoyed this mod, please leave an endorsement, and perhaps post screenshots or even videos! Translations are highly encouraged too!

And a little disclaimer -  I deeply apologize to all those unfortunate people whose saves somehow got corrupted from using older versions of this mod, and assure you that I'm only striving to improve my modding skills and learn from my mistakes... It was never my intention to mess up. And until further notice, I'm disabling the comments to avoid any drama.


This mod adds a scene with a new paired animation that will play right after you pick the dialogue option "I do. Now and forever" during the wedding ceremony. The animation consists of the player and spouse equipping each other with their wedding rings AKA Bonds of Matrimony, followed by a tender embrace and kiss. Then I made sure that your spouse will forcegreet you after the animation finished playing. Wedding guests will now rise from the bench and then applaud after the kiss.

So this mod has been entirely re-worked, and it no longer edits the vanilla wedding quest or it's script, aside from a certain dialog topic. It now also comes with a mod configuration menu.

The FOMOD contains add-ons for the following mods:
  • Take note that I haven't gotten the chance to test these patches myself ingame as I personally don't play with these followers. The add-ons are mostly proofs of concept. As for their respective wedding scenes, I tried to replicate the wedding-ring-kiss scene from the main plugin the best way I could.

Recommended mods:

Compatibility notes:
  • The main plugin must be loaded after any mod that changes the topic "I do. Now and forever", and make sure no TIF__00075CA2.pex file is present in the Data\Scripts folder.
  • Needs to be loaded after Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold, but is otherwise pretty much compatible.
  • If you have I'm Glad You're Here installed, you'll need to disable the Wedding Ceremony Hug option in the MCM > Family settings.
  • You may also want to play around with the settings of mods that adds headtracking to the player character, such as PC Head Tracking or True Directional Movement, as they have settings to make them look at the direction of the crosshair for instance so that'll most likely make the animation look off.
  • This mod relies heavily on FNIS. For some reason if I use Nemesis, the paired animation that this mod adds will never play. If anyone could help me patch it for Nemesis, please contact me.
Known issues:
  • The first actor for the animation may appear to lean forward, "Smooth Criminal" style, though the unmerged animation looked just fine before I used HkxMerge... all I did in NifSkope was setting the z-angle of the root node's keyframe to 180, and y-translation to 33.333332

  • Make sure that you delete every file from older versions of this mod.
  • Use a mod manager of your choice to install the FOMOD, such as Vortex or MO2. You can manually download the archive, then drag-and-drop it into the application. Enable the plugin and then run LOOT.
  • Rebuild your FNIS by heading to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users, open the GenerateFNISForUsers application and click on "Update FNIS Behavior".