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Breathes more life to the player wedding scene by playing a new set of animations between you and your new spouse.

Permissions and credits
I thought the vanilla wedding scene was lacking a certain romantic detail between you and your spouse-to-be, so I wanted to fill that gap. So this mod adds a couple of amateur-level animations that I created, that the player and love interest will play when you've agreed to "be bound together in love, now and forever". The animation consists of the player and spouse exchanging their wedding rings, followed by a kiss. Simple as that. This mod is also plugin-free as it only replaces one of the vanilla marriage scripts. I've now added a small plugin (WedDialogueFix.esp) which prevents Maramal's line "Under the authority of Mara..." from being interrupted when the animation starts. The MarriageMod version of that plugin also comes with some bug fixes for said mod, see changelog.

I know the animation line-up is far from perfect, but I recommend using the setscale x.xx command on the player before the ceremony, if anything.

I can recommend that you use a mod which enables headtracking to the player character, like PC Head Tracking

I no longer check the comments, if you have any questions, or suggestions for standalone followers I should make this animation compatible with, please send me a PM and I may look into your request.
So far I've made this animation compatible with the following follower mods:
Kaidan 2

Be sure to check out this other mod that also completes the wedding scene: Wedding Outfit Commission

Manual installation:
-Download and open the archive in a zip program of your choice, drag-and-drop the Data folder to your Skyrim SE folder (like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition)
-Generate FNIS or Nemesis


Shameless preview: