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Please take a look at the FAQ for information for answers to common questions, known issues with workarounds and also compatibility notes.

Common Questions

Q: How do I start the mod and begin crafting on the workbenches?

A: When you approach the house in Dawnstar, it should trigger a small quest. Follow the quest through by reading the note on the front door and returning at midnight. Keep a close eye on your journal throughout the mod and listen out for the journal update sound alongside the on-screen notifications. You're going to want to be approximatly level 10 with between 3000 to 7500 septims depending on your speech still to purchase the house after helping the caretaker Kregor. Once you purchase the house, you can activate the workbenches in the Forge, Basement and Backyard to begin construction. Alternatively, once you have crafted the desk, you can use the ledger to pay for workers who will do the work for you.

Q: How does the crafting system work?

A: As mentioned above, you can either hire workers at the desk ledger or craft everything yourself once you own the house. Crafting materials required and time to craft items will depend on your smithing skill, adjusting construction recipes accordingly.

How does the mailbox work?

A: Items crafted at the desk ledger will need to be placed into the mailbox at which point they will disappear and you will receieve a message on screen, informing you of the actions taken. As of version 3.0, a script calls for an in-game update every two days for mail, seven days for books and varying hours for worker tasks. Ongoing update requests can be stopped at any time by placing cancellation requests into the mailbox.

Q: How can I move my familty into Mörskom Estate?

A: To move your children and wife into Mörskom Estate, you will need to install the mod Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions. Follow the instructions on the mod page and make sure you have completely renovated the house for the Bless Home spell to work. Your children should then use the beds in the family room, including the bunk beds.

Q: How can I check where my boat is?

A: Simply activate the travel maps on the wall of the Research Room or in your inventory and you will be provided with a small options menu to add/remove them from the all and check the location of your boat if you have restored it at the docks.

Compatibilty Notes

World's Dawn has been known to upset scripts on crafting items used to initiate the crafting system. This mod is likely not going to work alongside World's Dawn at all unless there's a patch made available.

True - Minimalistic Faiths of Skyrim and Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim have been reported to interfere with the shrine table in the hallway so a patch will need to be made available or simply avoid using the table.

Known issues

Dynamic Lighting can be broken if you spam activate the lights throughout the house as it's swapping the mesh and script states cannot prevent the new mesh from bugging out. The answer is to be patient with lighting and blowing out light sources throughout the mod.

Changable Rugs throughout the house can experience a visual bug where you can see remnants of the previuous rug over the top of the newly placed mesh. This fixes itself once you save and reload your game. Pick your rug colours, save your game and you're good to go.

Organ Music
can get stuck playing its tune when you have used the bench in front of it. This because on occassion the marker that provides the music is not disabled after exiting the bench furniture marker. If you experience this, use the console command below to disable the music and exit the house. Upojn re-entering, the music should be gone. Alternatively, don't sit at the organ.

set meglobalorganplay to 0

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