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Legacy V5 is a complete rebuild of the mod more or less from the ground up and such requires a brand new game in order to utilize (even from the beta version to final release). We have taken measures to ensure that this happens as well. With this warning and disclaimer out of the way, here is a list of what Legacy V5 has to offer:

  • Completely scratch built museum: brand new interior and exterior design constructed over over 150 new custom architectural meshes
  • Completely rebuilt and redesigned Safehouse: Space added to accommodate both followers and children, sitting area and garden as well. Garden area remodeled and incorporates a greenhouse now. Expanded size but still maintaining a homey feel. Added additional storage features and display storage in kitchen and added an indoor bath to master bedroom.
  • Reduced number of load screen and increased accessibility: Hall of heroes and upper gallery have been merged as one cell, curator's office added to hall of heroes, hall of oddities, lost empires, daedric gallery and new (soon to be utilized on Odyssey) hall of legends combined into a single cell and safehouse and secret passageway combined into one.
  • Brand new original score by Trent Moriarty: A full selection of location themed museum music composed especially for this release.
  • Fully ESL patch supported: Built in support (self patching) functionality has been retired in favor of more easily updated ESL-flagged patches for almost every patch and plugin for Legacy and supported mods.  To see what patches are available, please visit the Legacy Patches Page.
  • Shared museum displays between characters retired: due to instability, the system has been stripped and temporarily retired until such time we have the chance and means to overhauling it and making it work as intended.
  • Display Content Adjusted from v4: just because items used to have a place in the museum in v4 doesn't mean they will in v5.  Some new content added, some old content removed. Although there isn't a printed list, the MCM checklists will be helpful if you have questions.
  • 3rd party patch system and guide: A full instruction guide and system is in place to allow authors and their approved team members to request display space from the Legacy team. We assign a location in the museum and the author can create a patch which establishes displays within the museum which utilize the MCM checklist and Prepstation as well as quest achievement displays without altering any Legacy forms or content whatsoever. Upon review and approval the author will be given official 3rd party addon endorsement along with a graphic to display on their page indicating such. Likewise we will also list their mod and the display space on the Legacy page.
  • Archaeology and Dig site patches come to SE: The patches which added dig sites and airship stops to new lands mods have been integrated into the general patch for that mod, allowing the patch to not only provide display support but also give more dig sites and parking spots for the ship.
  • Overhauled prepstation system: The system works as always by default, though operates 10 times faster on average! Additionally options to filter by replica or quest item are also available
  • New Mannequin free armory and custom displays: The main armory as well as various supported mods now offer a special static armor armature which will display full suits of respective armors instead of relying on the often fussy and buggy vanilla mannequins. The armory continues to offer two additional side galleries full of Mannequins for player choice displays, but most designated displays utilize the new system instead, and offer increments to the display counts as a result.
  • New museum delivery system: Activated through the MCM or in the curator's office, three groups of shipment crates can be enabled across the world which allow the player to ship items back to the museum office with ease. Shipment crates can be enabled for inns, player homes, and/or carriage locations.
  • Universal Craftloot: Craft looting can now be executing from any default craft station in the world. This option can also be disabled along with the craftloot system in general.
  • Hot springs removed: With the vastly expanded footprint of the museum which now accurately reflects the building layout and space usage, the hot springs sadly had to go.
  • Hall of secrets revamped: With the loss of the hot springs, the hall of secrets has been redesigned and explained in game in a lore immersive way
  • Planetarium condensed: The overall size of the planetarium has been reigned in slightly and the nature of the build out so that it makes more sense to have been built within an existing space rather than it having been built completely from scratch
  • Reworked questlines: Shattered legacy has been re-written almost from scratch giving more player choice options along the way and radiant paths to completing several tasks. Story has been completely re-envisioned to be more canonically connected and lore friendly and connect better with future Odyssey story plans. Shadows of one's past has been revised slightly to offer some more choice options and illusions of choice within the dialog options and no longer locks you in during the end scene, allowing you to make a choice on how it plays out.
  • "Coward path" option for Haunted Quest: Ikard now has dialog options to allow you to have him complete the quest instead of doing the haunted quest yourself. After 2 days he'll complete the quest and turn over the journals and notes he found so you can know the whole story. Additionally, Auryen will reimburse you for the cost of the statue if you talk to him about it.
  • Excavation dig assistance: the player no longer has to wait 3 days between excavation stages and can instead stick around and help dig to advance the quest faster if they wish
  • Recast voice actors: Due to corrupted audio files which greatly reduced fidelity all explorer dialog has been rebuilt from scratch and/or recast entirely as well as several other characters. Kyre Oldenson, Erianna, Latoria, Avram, and Jelal have all been recast
  • Expanded NPC audio: additional lines have been added for all explorer characters and Auryen for combat and follower based dialog and idles.
  • Rebuilt Airship interior: The interior now reflects an accurate interior hull for the ship with a much larger space fit for your growing crew of explorers. This change was mainly done to accommodate future plans in Odyssey, but also as a "fresh coat of paint" approach to give it a new feel.
  • Animated Airship approach: now when you travel to a new place with the airship, the ship will actually fly in a short distance to dock.
  • New Artifacts: New items like Shalidor's Stone are now available to be found and used/displayed
  • New Explorer Relics! Three new explorer relics will be introduced in honor of Highever Rains, Stonehands and Kriana who have been amazing Odyssey team members who jumped on board to help with various tasks in the V5 development, and their aid has earned them a permanent place amongst the other… unfortunate explorers lol.
  • Remastered item mechanics: Malrus' codex now offers an amazing new "default" ability even when not used with any supported mods; it will award a random skill level up for every 20 (default configurable) discovered locations when used! Dawnfang/Duskfang now properly evolves and tracks kills and the hand of glory with spiffy new models and textures has a proper curse which requires a small quest to be fulfilled in order to break it before the hand outright kills you. The Visage of the Dragonborn armor set has also been refined and revamped.
  • New item models: Almost every single remaining unique displayable item which lacked a unique model has had that rectified with new and in many cases, completely custom models. Adopted meshes and textures from Matty's Knight of the Nine and Insanity's Crusader weapons.
  • Thane weapons reborn is now integrated into Legacy! TWR now is part of Legacy and no longer requires the stand alone mod.
  • New custom Explorer and Museum Guard armors! Obtainable through Eriana or in limited quantity initially elsewhere, these new sets give a spiffy custom feel to your museum staff and explorer crew!
  • Auryen's new sword: Auryen gets a proper unique signature weapon. Have a look in the office and ask him about it ;)
  • Updated Pale Pass world map and LOD
  • Updated Vahlok: Vahlok's mask now rests with Vahlok who is properly unique in appearance now.
  • Actual boss fights for Legacy: the plot thickens during shattered Legacy as clues foreshadow events and people to come during Odyssey. Additionally Wulfharth has been seriously overhauled to represent his ash king and storm of kyne personae.

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