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Kishar is an Alteration/Illusion caster with some very useful custom spells, similar to Clairvoyance, Waterbreathing, Muffle, Rally, and Pacify.

Permissions and credits
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Meet Kishar!
She is a unique Spriggan who has gotten herself trapped by hagravens in Snapleg Cave!
She replaces the vanilla spriggan that is trapped here.
When dismissed she will return to the same clearing just outside Eldergleam Sanctuary, where the vanilla spriggan goes when freed.

Go save her!

She is an Alteration/Illusionist!

Spell List

She has her own custom set of spells! 
They are mostly similar to other spells that exist in game, but modified/merged and/or given different effects to match her better!

Once she is recruited, you will be given a new power: Kishar, Aid Me!
Use this power to tell her when to use which spells.
Or alternatively, you can double-click on her to have her cast them.
(With the exceptions of Kishar's Call being power-activated only, and Kynareth's Guidance double-click activated only. This is configurable in the MCM.)

Spell Name (Similar counterpart)

Nature's Blessing (Rally)
Gives AoE buff to HP/SP/MP.
Scales with level, starts at only +10, then +20 at higher levels.
Bonus additional +10 HP/SP for animals!
Use her power or double click her while your weapons are out to activate.

Siren's Sight (Candlelight, Waterbreathing)
Brightens underwater vision, and gives waterbreathing.
(For even better underwater vision, check out Underwater Visibility Fix!)
Drains Kishar's MP while in effect.
Use her power or double click her while swimming to activate/deactivate.

Predator's Prowl (Muffle)
Grants noise reduction.
Scales with level, 50% at low level, 100% at higher levels.
Drains Kishar's MP while in effect.
Use her power or double click her while sneaking to activate/deactivate.

Kishar's Call (Pacify, Kyne's Peace, Spriggan's Call)
Calms and Charms nearby creatures.
Scales with level, start with a radius of 50 and duration of 60s, increased gradually up to radius of 250 and duration of 90s.
Use her power (while NOT swimming/sneaking/weapons out) to activate.
This is also her default action when you are in combat, regardless of swimming/sneaking/weapons out.

Kynareth's Guidance (Clairvoyance)
Shows a path to your current objective.
Warning: Be sure to deactivate it before zoning, as any Clairvoyance effects that are active when you zone will be stuck there permanently!
This is a vanilla bug with Clairvoyance and I have not found a workaround to prevent it. :(
If you accidentally zone and get some effects stuck, worst case you could manually disable each star in the trail by clicking each in the console and typing disable... But that would be tedious.
If anyone more knowledgeable than me with the CK has any advice or suggestions, that would be great! 
Are there any events or conditions that would register if the player is about to zone BEFORE they actually zone? Id like to trigger a dispel script somewhere, but so far nothing has worked.

Double click her (while NOT swimming/sneaking/weapons out) to activate/deactivate.

Kishar's Gift

When she is recruited, Kishar will give you a special ring.
When worn, she has enchanted this ring to make you friendly to all animals and spriggan!
...BUT, while the ring is worn, Kishar's MP will regen more slowly.


Follower management mods? I haven't tested all of them, but I don't think they could break anything permanently.
If they add their own packages(ie autosandbox options), they'll probably mess with her transformations and spellcasting on demand.

Should be compatible with anything else that I can think of. Most of her stuff is custom, so wont be affected by other mods.

For any other mod that adds additional options via dialogue, the options might show up even if they are not relevant.
(Eg. Convinent Horse's "You should buy a horse." or Simple NPC Outfit Manager's "Let's talk outfits...")

Credits/Thank Yous!

CrEaToXx's Creating custom Follower Framework (Text guide) - Fantastic custom follower creation guide!
Deck16's Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim (Text guide) - I haven't actually went through this whole one yet, but it looks good for future 'dialogue' expansion!
Darkfox127's Many Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorials (Youtube) - This guy is great, for like, everything!