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Have you ever wished that there were more mods like The Paarthurnax Dilemma, or Miraak - Dragonborn Follower? where you are given freedom to explore quests, save characters, or even defeat others in different ways? Or just felt as if something was missing in the world? Well this is the mod for you.

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese
SE version can be found here.

This mod should be best be installed, before you have spoken to, or started any of their quests (see NPCs covered). If you don't, it might still work, but I'll be unable to provide any support.


 This mod was originally created by AndrealphusVIII who has shared it as it is. Unfortunately, due to real life obligations, He can no longer provide active support. However, feel free to make any modifications yourself, using this file. (see permissions.)

What is this mod about? 

  This mod is the continuation of the mod BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle Project by AndrealphusVIII. While he may be available for questions about the old version, it has become way to big for him to lead and maintain, so he has passed to me the responsibility to continue the project.

  The mod allows higher immersion by giving new purposes to actors that may be perceived as unused or limited in Vanilla. As result, actors with unique lore will have more than a few lines to say and will no longer be deleted from the game. (not without a reason) and will have pre and/or post purpose before and after their quests.
  Some of the actors covered by this project will fill missing holes in the world, either as new farmers, sailors, miners, bards, bodyguards, merchants, patrons, etc. And if suitable, are also going to be marriageable or/and be available as new followers based on how these actors were intended in vanilla.

Current NPC List

  • Eisa Blackthorn: No longer deleted, can potentially turn into a marriage candidate, a blacksmith and become the new owner of Alva's house. after completing the Pale Lady, Laid to Rest and a new misc quest at Morthal.
  • Kesh the Clean: Recruitable after The Only Cure quest. In addition, I also gave him a tent with a bed to sleep in.
  • Orthorn: Recruitable after the Hitting the Books quest. He will be at the inn in Winterhold.
  • Nelacar: Recruitable after the Black Star quest. If you take the option of the Black Star.
  • Anska: Recruitable after the A Scroll for Anska quest. I also gave her a home east outside of Windhelm, where she can be found.
  • Salma: It's now possible to convince her to remain at Skyrim to pursue new adventures.
  • Then, she will be at Solitude after the Coming of Age quest is completed, post one in-game hour if succeeded.
    She will also bury Beem-Ja and a grave will be at the location where their camp was previously.
  • Valdr: Recruitable after the Moss Mother Cavern quest. I also gave him a home just outside Falkreath, where he can be found, gave also a unique form to both Niels and Ari.
  • Maurice Jondrelle: Recruitable after the Blessing of Nature quest, after you've taken the sapling to Danica. He will be at the Eldergleam Sanctuary. I also gave him a new "Summon Spriggans" spell, which he will occasionally use.
  • Thomas: Available from level 1 (as well as the Frost Troll) + moved a bit down so you can better find him.
  • Torbjorn Shatter-Shield: Added a dialogue option to return Aegisbane, if you have it in your inventory, for a small reward. (Suggested by /u/Belsazar500 on the Skyrimmods subreddit)
  • Cairine: Added dialogue option to give her a potion of Cure Disease, for a small reward. (Suggested by )
  • Ogmund: Added a dialogue option to warn him during the Thalmor quest in Markath. Gives a gold reward. (Suggested by )
  • Stands-In-Shallows: Added a persuade dialogue option to help him get rid of his addiction + offer him a potion of cure disease, as alternative to the Some Light Theft quest. (Suggested by )
  • Shahvee: Can become a trainer in pickpocket skill, if the player is a thief and is persuaded to after the Shavee's Zenithar Amulet quest is completed. She won't be happy or supportive of it though.
  • Shavari: It's possible to persuade her out of combat (thus, sparing her life) if she had enough time to investigate the player while the same do Brynjolf's biding to find Esbern in Riften. She will then seek reclusion at Esbern hideout where he Long obsessed with the foretold return of the dragon Alduin, the World-Eater. After a while, she will send a letter showing that she has changed, being now a marriable and avaliable as follower.
  • Malborn: After the Diplomatic Immunity quest, if Malborn survives and you involve Brelas in the mission, you can suggest them to take shelter at Skyhaven Temple. They will NOT become followers, though. Similar to Etienne Rarnis in the Vanilla game.
  • Brelas: See above. (Malborn) If you save her, she will be marriable. (but NOT a follower)
  • Selveni Nethri: No longer deleted, avaliable as a follower and potential marriage candidate after you rescue her in Southfringe Sanctum. After it, she can be found helping Lucerne near in Grave Concoctions.
  • J'datharr: You can now bribe or intimidate him. After which he will move to Solstheim to serve a neutral gray NPC there. He will NOT become a follower.
  • From-Deepest-Fathoms: No longer invisible (she only appears when the player reachs level 14 during the Unfathomable Depths quest.), no longer deleted. avaliable as potential marriage candidate and follower if persuaded.
  • Deep-In-His-Cups: Reintegrated at Windhelm, has his own RefID, no longer deleted after random encounter, avaliable as a Hireling and marriage candidate. Near Argonian Assemblage, Riften after it's related quest is completed.[/size][/size]
  • dunWatchRiverWolf, renamed to Scruffy (Wolf in White River Watch): Recruitable as pet if you rescue him.
  • Arvel the Swift: May give the claw to the player, if he spends enough time as spider food in the Golden Claw quest. Will then go to Windhelm if spared, afterwards. and travel to the Ragged Flagon in Riften from time to time.
  • Golldir: No longer static at Hillgrund's Tomb. Will patrol Ivarstead and honor his Aunt after his quest Ancestral Worship is completed.
  • Agmaer: Can be found at Chillridge Farm before the Dawnguard questline is started, a goat cheese farm near the Hall of the Vigilant, where he lives with his sister (Sitild), mother (Antild) and pet dog (Snow). Made his "Pa's axe" unique, stats similar to a Nordic Axe and given an unique enchantment. When you meet him in Dayspring Pass, he'll have more dialogue options.
  • Threki the Innocent: If Riften is taken by the Imperials, she can be found in town, instead of jail. (USLEEP/USSEP just disabled her in that case.) (suggested by Jinxxed0)
  • Hefid the Deaf: Given a persuade option to calm her down, instead of running away. (high speech check requirement since she's deaf!) If you succeed to persuade her, she'll have beggar dialogue and you'll be able to give her gold. (suggested by QueenJenny.)
  • Knjakr: Given option to intimidate him, so he won't attack you. If you succeed, he'll have beggar dialogue. (option to give gold) (suggested by iMACobra.)
  • Salvianus: Given beggar dialogue. (option to give gold) (suggested by QueenJenny.) (I wanted to make him more indepth, but failed to find a suitable approach.)
  • Avulstein Greymane: No longer disabled after quest. will join the stromcloack faction with his brother if it's leader (Ulfric) is alive. will return to whiterun, otherwise if he survives the Missing in Action quest.
  • Thorald Greymane: Same as his brother. (see above) will join the rebellion or help his father at the forge, otherwise. (he is listed as a VendorBlacksmith in vanilla, so it's one possible conclusion/scenario) If he survives the Missing in Action quest. (suggested by nottadoctor.)
  • Geirlund: Has it's own RefID, no longer deleted after quest, same as the graymane brothers. (will join the war if Ulgric is alive, retun to normal life otherwise) after and if he survives the Missing in Action quest. (suggested by Nezach14.)
  • Vidrald: Has it's own RefID, no longer deleted after quest, same as the graymane brothers. (will join the war if Ulgric is alive, retun to normal life otherwise) after and if he survives the Missing in Action quest. (suggested by Nezach14.)
  • Sinding: No longer deleted, currently reintegrated at it's transformed form. (werewolf), will live at Bloated man's grotto. if spared or if the player convince the Hunters that Sinding is dead.
  • Batum gra-Bar: This NPC will always die during the Ill Met by the Moonlight. Reintegrated as Yar gro-Gatuk lover, member of the Legion suppliers and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Ma'tasarr: This NPC will always die during the Ill Met by the Moonlight. Reintegrated as a Thalmor agent and Lorcalin's bodyguard.
  • Hoddreid: This NPC will always die during the Ill Met by the Moonlight. Reintegrated as Viding older sister and Falkreath Jarl's court wizard where she can be found.
  • Rissing: Reintegrated as Louis's bodyguard, member of the North Wind traders and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Tsrasuna: Reintegrated as Ra'kheran's sister, maid and Aldmeri servant. (not to be confused with Thalmor agent, see Tsavani for info)
  • Torkild the Fearsome: Reintegrated as a travelling blacksmith, member of the North Wind traders and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Yar gro-Gatuk: Reintegrated as a travelling Flecther, Batum gra-Bar lover, member of the Legion suppliers and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Eriana: Reintegrated as a misguided Vigilant of Stendarr who believes is hearing the divines. (see Florentius Baenius for Info) Avaliable as a book vendor.
  • Ra'kheran: Reintegrated as Tsrasuna's brother, bard and Aldmeri servant. (not to be confused with Thalmor agent, see Tsavani for info)
  • Heratar: Reintegrated as a prisoner at Falkreath jail. If he survives, he will court Grosta at Heartwood Mill after it's related quest.
  • Ahjisi: Reintegrated as an additional bodyguard for Ma'dran's Khajiit caravan. Avaliable as potential marriage candidate after it's related quest is completed.
  • Mazgak: (unused in Vanilla, reintroduced by Cutting Room Floor) Reintegrated as a travelling Alchemist, Durak's former ally, member of the Legion suppliers and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Thjollod: (unused in Vanilla, reintroduced by Cutting Room Floor) Reintegrated as a travelling food vendor, Larina's boyfriend, member of the North Wind traders and occult Hircine's Workshipper.
  • Viding: (unused in Vanilla, reintroduced by Cutting Room Floor) Reintegrated as Hoddreid young brother and Falkreath Jarl's servant.
  • Sven: Will offer speech training to the player, if the quest A Lovely Letter ends in his favor. This is done to make him more of viable alternative to Faendal.
  • Roggi Knot-Beard: Boosted his stats, removed level cap. Will offer training in Block, after Dungeon Delving quest (to get his family shield) is done.
  • Adelaisa Vendicci: Boosted her stats and removed her level cap.
  • Brelyna Maryon: boosted stats + removed level cap
  • Vigilant Tolan: Given a dialogue option to convince/persuade him to stay at Fort Dawnguard, after you first meet him. Later on, you can recruit him as a follower.
  • Bjartur: If the Stormcloaks win the civil war and conquer Solitude, she will be freed from Castle Dour Jail and can be found in the Winking Skeever.
  • Louis Letrush: No longer deleted after quest, owner of the North wind traders. can be found with it's merchants if the same are alive, in riften otherwise.
  • Hroggar: Will no longer live at the house of the one who has destroyed his family if the same survives. it's also possible to break Alva's control over him with a optional objective.
  • Indara Caerellia: Will react to her daughter death. [/size]
  • Valga Vinicia: Has her own visual. (default face syndrome)[/size]
  • Lucerne: Recycled and converted into a Elder NPC, who can be found in Falkreath, Leader of the Hunters during Ill met by moonlight. (Could never be implemented in the game due to the way DA05 was designed.)[/size]
  • J'Kier: Avaliable as a Hireling and potential marriage candidate if saved during it's related quest. Hircine's Workshipper found in Falkreath.
  • Gadnor: Was originally intended to be used at the quest "The Mind of Madness" but was replaced by Dervenin. Will die by a scripted event. until then, makes company to Beleval and her friends.
  • Tsavani: No longer a static NPC. (remains forever at the Thalmor embassy), Will go to Markarth to serve Ondolemar and get her skooma.
  • KarthwastenSilverBloodGuards: No longer a clone of one another, have each their own form.
  • Nimphaneth: No longer static NPC, will make company to Beleval until the begin of it's related quest.
  • Ardwen: Has it's own RefID, no longer deleted after random encounter, will visit the Gildergreen after it's quest completion.
  • dunNorthwatchPrisoner01 (Prisoner renamed to Eoran the Harrier): Reintegrated at MixwaterMill and Gilfre's worker
  • dunNorthwatchPrisoner02 (Prisoner renamed to Sniffs-In-Thoughts): Reintegrated at Raven Rock
  • dunNorthwatchPrisoner03 (Prisoner renamed to Helgreir Far-Sighted): Reintegrated at Barleydark Farm and Heimskr follower.
  • Larina: Reintegrated as Thjollod girlfriend, will travel alongside it's group, bard (instrumental only) and is only going to sell the Flute after it's related quest is started. the same can be prevented by stealing back to it's original owner.
  • Herebane Sorenshield: Better used as the Legion suppliers's bodyguard. will return as intended by CRF once it's related quest is started.
  • Ingjard: No longer static, Hunter near Falkreath who will join the fort Dawnguard normally and become a follower after the quest Prophet is completed
  • Beleval: No longer static, Hunter near Falkreath who will join the fort Dawnguard normally and become a follower after the quest Prophet is completed
  • Vanik: No longer static, Will join the fort Dawnguard after it's related quest if the player join the Vampire hunters.
  • Malkus: No longer static, Will join the Volkihar Clan after it's related quest if the player join the Vampire side.
  • Thaer: Reused as a Hunter, Beleval Ally.
  • Vigilant Adalvald: No longer static, Reintegrated at the Hall of the Vigilant, has it's own form.
  • Tilde: No longer static, Reintegrated as a Morthal maid at the longhouse.
  • Vori: No longer static, Reintegrated as a sailor at Windhelm docks.
  • Ollrod: No longer static, Reintegrated as a Miner at Dawnstar.
  • Mogrul: No longer static, Reintegrated as a Miner at Karthwasten.
  • Barknar and Alvide: No longer static, Reintegrated as Windsand manor servants.
  • Jayri: No longer static, Reintegrated as Rorik's servant.
  • Sern: No longer static, Reintegrated as a Fisherman at Morthal.
  • Justiciar Lorcalin: Has it's own form, will bodyguard Elenwen's servant when those aren't at the Embassy. 
  • Nubaree (RDO NPC): She can be found in Riften. She's hirable after the Taking Care of Business quest from the Thieves' Guild questline. She's a trainer in Alteration and has been made to look visually different from From-Deepest-Shadows, as well as given some more background. (original follower from RDO)
  • Razita (RDO NPC): She's already a follower in RDO and travels with the "Whiterun Khajiit Caravan. Many unused/limited elements were added used to give more her depth. For instance, not all Caravans survive the long roads of Skyrim. While travelling through Skyrim, you may encounter some dead Khajiit, either on the road or in bandit camps. They will carry notes, explaining more about them and Razita. (original follower from RDO)

Planned NPC List



  Patches are available for some mods already, but there are no severe conflicts (WARP uses few locations to reintegrate actors, most thought with compatibility in mind, gray face bug can be solved with bash). Here's a list of patches and what they do, so you can decide whether you want to use them.
  Also, have in mind that this mod is designed to be used along with common popular mods, such as "Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul" by ShurahUnofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, and Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor and Relationship Dialogue Overhaul by cloudedtruth.
  So if you have some favorite mod that is free of patches related with the above, it likely means that it won't require a patch.
  • Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul: Corrects the position of the Carriage at Falkreath to not conflict with CFTO changes.
  • Expanded Towns and Cities: Corrects a conflict at Rorikstead and Falkreath.
  • JKs Skyrim: Corrects conflicts at Rorikstead, Dragonbridge, Ivarstead and Winterhold.
  • Arthmoor's Skyrim Villages - All In One: Corrects a conflict at Rorikstead and Dragonbridge.
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn: A minor update to the Aegisbane Shield.
  • Even Better Quest Objectives: Keep it's decription changes updated.
  • The Choice is Yours: Compatibility for quest control.
  • Requiem - Minor Arcana: Patch by scrane27.
  • Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks: Compatibility for Follower control.
  • More Racism in Windhelm: Allow to MRI to detect reintegrated actors
  • Immersive Weapows: Allow reintegrated Thalmor Actors to keep IW weapons.
  • If you find another mod that conflicts with WARP please let me know and I will (as possible) build a patch for it too.


    Q: Will you implement <NPC name> as well?
    A: If we find enough content, we might, but only eventually. When? Soon™

    Q: Will you upload this to, and/or convert to PS4/Xbox One?
    A: It won't be uploaded to or any consoles by me. But feel free to do so yourself. (see permissions) Xbox One version is in theory possible to convert, PS4 isn't. (no custom assets.)

    Q: Why launch WARP, instead of updating BUVARP?
    A: WARP is actually a heavily improvement and optimization of BUVARP, having most of the old actors being redone, and few use of scripts in comparison with its ancestor. It no longer relies on duplicates, neither needs dirty edits. As a consequence, it's impossible to update from one to another.

    Q: Will you do the same for any other game?
    A: No, but feel free to borrow ideas from me.

    Q: There are a few conflicts with USLEEP.
    A: Yes, there are 1 intentional conflicts:
    - A bed in Deadmans Drink no longer has Valdr as owner. This is because Valdr now has his own bed in his house in Falkreath. Do NOT clean those.

    Q: Do you really need Cutting Room Floor and Relationship Overhaul as requirement, seriously?
    A: Unfortunately, yes. To put into simple words, "it's the lesser of two evils", as around 40% of the actors and quests explored are not just fixed by USLEEP, but by CRF as well, while RDO is required as a framework to reintegrate uncommon actors.  (to make them truly functional)
    The alternative is to break vanilla and add a unnecessary load of avoidable scripts.

      I hope for those who read this to understand that working in a single core file is way efficient for me instead of breaking in smaller parts. Still, I will eventually create a lite version with only 60% of the actors, and no support for additional content for those who wish to use the mod without dependencies. 
    For the time being, I'm just a single human being with limited time who wants to bring this idea to fruition.

    License and Permission Notes

    This mod is shared with a WML 1.0 Cathedral License.

    You are free to :

    - Redistribute this work in unmodified form.
    - Include this resource within another work
    - Modify and redistribute this work

    So long as you:

    - Give the author(s) credit.
    - link back to this page.
    - distribute your mod under the same license.

    Translations are allowed under the same terms.

    Uploading for SSE, to and for consoles is allowed under the same terms, but in addition don't expect any technical expect support from me
    in that case, if the mod doesn't work on any of those platforms.

  • Arthmoor and Unoffical Patch team: For USLEEP / USSEP and Cutting Room Floor.
  • PlagueHush: For suggesting to make Eisa a follower.
  • AjiraKimberly on Twitch: For suggesting me to make changes to Kesh the Clean.
  • KiwiFails on Twitch: For suggesting extra dialogue options for Cairine, Ogmund and Stands-In-Shallows.
  • Camelworks on YouTube: For inspiring me to cover more NPCs like this.
  • cloudedtruth: For Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
  • FoxFingers: For help and tips (Some minor inspiration on AD)
  • aluckymuse: For help and inspiration over former VVE
  • Darkfox127: For the tutorials and guides.
  • BestInSlot: For the tutorials and guides.
  • doughamil: For the tutorials and guides.
  • JenModding: For giving me advice on lore related to the NPCs + giving me brilliant ideas.
  • scrane27: For troubleshooting conflicts and his Requiem and Requiem Minor Arcane Patches.
  • eanaz: For his idea to add the Flaming familiar to Anska.
  • TheBxushis: For the new followers from Unique Uncommon NPCs.
  • SkyLover264: For several of his patches, he kindly provided.
  • /u/Belsazar500 on the Skyrimmods subreddit: suggestion to add dialogue option to return Aegisbane to Torbjorn.
  • nuska: for Ethereal Elven Overhaul
  • WilliamImm and TechAngel85: for Even Better Quest Objectives
  • Ahzaab: For Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass
  • Dheuster and chinagreenelvis: For Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks
  • Jokerine: For Bloated's man ruins
  • Bethesda Game Studios: For the original unaltered meshes (And for developing Skyrim and giving us the ability to mod it, of course!)
  • The entire modding community: For being awesome <3
  • Tools used