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SKSE 1.7.3 or latest version
MFG Console / Modify Face Gen Console

Non known so far

Due to making the mod with a cloak there is a chance that it can end up with the "Brawling Bug" where a brawl ends up lethal and you get fined.

When resurrecting NPC MFG face will stay meaning that the face will look glitched. To fix it use MFG Reset if you're going to resurrect someone (which shouldn't be a usual thing).

Auto Install - Use NMM, MO or Vortex

Manual - Drag and drop data into skyrim folder / Drag and drop items from data into the Skyrim's data folder

This mod will make actors/NPCs of skyrim to have random death faces when killed rather than a sleepy face. However, when loading in and out of a cell (room) the faces will revert back to the default sleep face.

-Added original death script to player
-Fixed bug where the script would stay on anyone alive during combat, leaving an akward look on the player and NPCs

-Fixed PlayerScript Problem
-Added DeathScript to Player

-Reverted style to 1.3 since that was the most stable build.
-Script is now like 1.3 but cleaner so that the expression works on people who died and so that it would act as soon as someone is dying (ragdolling).
-Removed some issues that was inside 1.4+ that was in ESP.

-Changed code so that "Remove Alias" isn't around since this could cause potential bugs like remove quest from NPCs who gets resurrected
-Fixed resurrected NPCs not using this script
-Optimised script so there's less trash.

- Optmised mod so aliases shouldn't (might still happen though) overflow and less messy script file.
- Fixed closed eyes optional to prevent NPCs from having open eyes on death.

- Added more expression types

- Added more expressions (brows). Added comic sans to changelog.

- Fixed NPCs having glitched mouth after gettings hit.