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Applies random death faces to player and actors/NPCs that's killed in game. People won't look like they're sleeping after gettings stabbed in the stomach or shot in the face.

Permissions and credits
This mod will change how Actors/NPCs will look when getting killed

SKSE 1.7.3
Mfg Console

No more NPCs/Actors and players taking a nap after getting killed instead they will look like they got killed or murdered similar to Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Morrowind if you played them. NPCs expressions will revert back to default death face after reloading a cell (room).

When updating to a version greater than 3.25 and the face still flickers then use Fallrim/Alternate save cleaner to get rid of old scripts.

Optional files
Random mouth expressions will always be present
-Open Eyes Only: When NPCs are killed they will never close their eyes.
-Closed Eyes Only: When NPCs are killed they will always close their eyes. This is similar to the way Fallout 4 death expressions are.

Default windows Skyrim should be inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim" and if not then locate where you installed it through steam.
Drag and drop the data file into skyrim

Optional Files
When installing optional files make sure they are up to date. If they are old you run the risk of rolling back to older versions using a new ESP file.

The mod can be simply disabled or uninstalled from a mod manager without any reprocussions. Even after removing the mod there will still be some NPCs under the influence of this mod (it's not game breaking). Use Fallrim or a save cleaner to get rid of all scripts associated with this mod.


Brawl Bug aka Non-Lethal (fist) fights goes lethal
(Precautions made so it shouldn't happen too often)
This mod can sometimes break brawls and turn them lethal meaning you can get fined. This is due to the fact that this mod uses a cloak effect on the player so that the scripts can work leading to NPCs in a brawl thinking that you're using magic and cheating. If the problem persist try disabling this mod beat the person up then enable this mod again and if it still happens then it could be another mod also causing this.

Odd/Glitchy Face
When resurrecting a dead (with or without the cheat command) NPCs who have been killed their expression will not change making them look more silly and pretty broken.
To fix this simply go on console click on the NPC then type the command "MFG Reset" to reset their face (recommended when they're alive).
If the eyes are still closed just type "MFG Modifier 0"/ "MM 0" on the NPC or something similar to force open the closed eyed NPC.

Faces go default when loading a save (not essentially a bug)
When reloading a save game from differnt cells or rebooting the game the expressions of NPCs on a loaded cell will revert to closed eyes and mouths (default) but will go back to death expressions when going in and out of a cell (room/area), this problem was fixed in v3.0 but v3.0 also introduced many stability issues, allowing death expressions to persist even when quitting the game is not possible yet.

-Fixed mouth problem when killing NPC

-Cleaned up scripts for optimisation and stability

-No more flickering faces
-Corpses and NPCs can now be altered with MFG again
-Optmised script to dispel the mod from corpses after the script has been applied
-Original expressions from 2.1 added back in game
-Original expressions include:Open eyes + Closed mouth, Closed eyes + Closed Mouth, Open Eyes + Open Mouth + Closed eyes + Open Mouth
-Faces does not change when dying and dead so the expression stays the same upon dying (ragdolling) and and dead (ragdoll) this also includes the player.

- Added extra death expressions
- Cleaned up scripts for optmisations

- Added so that dead NPCs will now have death expressions. Unlike previous versions NPCs that are kill should usually have a death expression on them even after saving and quitting.

-Fixed combat bug where ocassionaly the face remains akward after a fight
-Added varied player death expressions

-Fixed PlayerScript Problem
-Added DeathScript to Player

-Added Skyrim Special Edition Page:
-Reverted style to 1.3 since that was the most stable build.
-Script is now like 1.3 but cleaner so that the expression works on people who died and so that it would act as soon as someone is dying (ragdolling).
-Removed some issues that was inside 1.4+ that was in ESP.

-Changed script so that "Remove Alias" isn't around since this could cause potential bugs like remove quest from NPCs who gets resurrected.
-Fixed resurrected (dead) NPCs not using this script.
-Optimised script so there's less trash.
-Hotfix prevent reloaded NPCs keeping MFG modifications leading to weird looking faces (Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't for some reason)

- Optmised mod so aliases shouldn't (might still happen though) overflow and less messy script file.
- Fixed closed eyes optional to prevent NPCs from having open eyes on death.

- Added more expression types

- Added more expressions (brows).

- Added comic sans to changelog.

- Fixed NPCs having glitched mouth after getting hit.