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Moonpath v. 6.6

General points

"The northern part of Elsweyr contains arid badlands; the southern part is a lush sub-tropical environment with many forests. Only a few cities have been established, and most of the settlements are small villages."

View the official Tamriel map to see the "tenmar forest in souther elsweyr"

please do not post, elsweyr is a desert, there are a few 100 posts of this already.. simple check here first

This mod contains retextures and new art meshes, however care has been taken not to overwrite any vanilla pieces. So everythin is seperate and deleting the assets or overwriting does not change your vanilla game.

ESM master and ESP plugin files
THe beta versions such as v.6.6 are esp files these are plugins, quicker to make but more prone to conflict with other mods.. As soon as a version has passed beta I make master .esm versions.
A master is more like a seperate game file which doesn not change anything in the vanilla skyrim, only adds items.

An esm cannot trigger actions such as dialogue, for this the .ESM version comes with a questdata.esp. It contains all the NPC triggers and is required installed and active to play the full mod.

If you install the BETA .ESP you must deactivate the EMS version and visa versa. YOu will get a load warning on missing data , you should be able to ignore this..

Why is there a bsa and a the extracted art files. ?
After some experimenting this is the best most stable way to make it work for everyone.
Also this is easiest for my convienence, making ESM files takes time, and needs to be done again and again for every bugfix, so this way I don't have to sort out the files.
So yes thats another 50 mb of extra download, but hey you downloaded skyrim at 8GB so the 50 mb should be alright..

Save games

between updates the mod changes a lot. this means sometimes an old savegame within the mod will not load the newer scripts and quest flow.. this can't be helped..
TO solve this do the following steps

1. exit the mod area and save skyrim
2. exit the game and remove the mod completely and delete all files
3. start the game and open the last save (which was not inside the mod) you'll get a warning but ignore it
4. resave the game and exit skyrim
5. reload and install the mod
6. load the savegame and play the mod

VOice overs
All the voice overs are community volunteers (mentioned in the credits)
THese are volunteers so not proffesional actors, so please don't comment negatively, they are doing their best and also deserve your support.

Once you install manually or through NMM make sure all the files are in your skyrim/data directory.
so either
hg.bsa and hg.esp (beta) or moonpath.esm and moonpath_questdata.esp and moonpath.bsa plus all the seperate directories..

Make sure the NMM doesn't create duplicate directories. For instance there should be only 1 meshes dir. not two.

Mod conflicts.
The esp is more likely to conflict with other mods. The only solution is to deactivate mods untill it works.
This is not an issue with the mod, but with the way skyrim handles mods.

The esm is much less likely to conflict but can still cause issues.

Skyrim version
the mod is always uploaded for the latest version of skyrim (currently 1.5.2) Bethesda does change critical issues like navmeshes. So if you use an old version of skyrim you could have CTD's as the mod is build with newer code..

VOice ACting


Not satisfied with the voice overs,, feel you could do better. well here's your chance..
Simply download the 6.66 beta version , pick a character, record your own audio.

Then replace the voice files in the skyrim/data/sound/voice/moonpath.esm folder and you can check it ingame. Feel your voic clips are superior, simply upload them to a link and post in the comments, the voice package with the most kudos will be added to the mod..

Enjoy and have fun!

You can find a tidy and organised Script with NPC descriptions and file names here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73918656/dialogue_ordered.xls