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  • Instead of donating, buy a cool tee-shirt to support a modder.

    I just discovered Tee-spring, which is a t-shirt based campaign site. You design a shirt and then campaign for a short period with a minimum number you need to reach.  

    So I've created  a cool t-shirt with which you can support myself and the development of the game i'm making Oberon's Court.  I'm sorry it won't go directly to a new succesor to the moonpath to elsweyr mods,  but as I do occasionally get small donations for the moonpath, I thought this would be a much cooler way to support your local modder ;)  Now you can actually get something tangible.

    So get a cool custom Boof-games T-shirt (that's just me BTW) , as a thank you for the moonpath or for supporting my current and future projects .  Perhaps thats a better way to have m...

  • Saddened and shocked by recent events

    It seems the time to respond to the entire workshop debacle. Even though my voice probably will get drowned out there. 

    My response being, I will not be making anymore skyrim mods. 

    But I already stopped a few years ago anyway, so who cares! 

    Well when I was contacted by Bethesda on this paid modding thing a few months ago (at GDC2015), I actually started thinking about doing another moonpath. A new story with new assets and with all the lessons learned. 

    Why you might ask? because of paid mods off-course. Moonpath is not depended on any other mod, and what I do is very insular and solo. And doing a new version would mean being able to earn money off it, perhaps even a enough to live of off. Not that I'm unhappy with my day-jo...