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Adds Racemenu Overlays that allow you to take on the appearance of a Dryad or a Nature Spirit. Also, 18 new Alteration Spells, to match the dryad theme. The mod has a bunch of variations and varieties to each of its options, giving you the ability to mix and match, to create seasonal paints and many other things. Now with male support.

Permissions and credits
---If you like the mod and think it deserves it, feel free to leave an endorsement as it helps me to know what people want to see more of, and I also really appreciate it! Though, adding an image of your character is even better!---

This mod adds the ability to apply natural overlays to your character, specifically themed around Dryads. You can apply moss, bark, and leaves to your character, in a large variety of styles, as well as change the colors of them to match your needs. Every color can be used in these paints, as they are designed to accept any colors from the color selector, so your not limited to just browns with the bark, nor to greens on the moss. The varieties added vary in body coverage and style, so there is plenty to mix and match with! Also, now adding in natural magicks!

In RaceMenu, to access the textures, press T over one of the default values to bring up a list of textures you have installed. Press E to change the color, and pressing T within the color selection menu will allow you access to the Glow setting (excluding makeup).

New spells are added that drop from vanilla spriggans (to avoid needing all the dlc's). Spells include a similar magic attack that spriggans use, a poisonous explosive blast, and 3 new types of "skin" armor, each focusing on Fire, Frost, and Shock Resistance respectively. The defensive spells have variants from Novice to Master, ranging from 10% resistance, to 50% resistance.

When applying the overlays to your character, changing the color sliders will allow you to properly change colors. I recommend experimenting, as there are a lot of cool combinations you can make. 

All overlays can be found with the prefix Natureborn, in the Body Paints, Makeup, Hand Paints, and Foot Paints Sections.

I made a few dryads based around the different seasons, and their images are in the description, showcasing a great deal of what the mod offers.

-Discord Server- (Come here to check on progress of this mod or my other mods, and ask questions)

-Twitter- (I post news and such on upcoming mods here!)

-Special Edition Version-

Current Features
-RaceMenu Overlays-

13 Facepaints, all in their own unique styles.
A variety of Moss overlays for Body, Feet, and Hands (Including a variant that covers them all).
A bunch of  Bark overlays for Body, Feet, and Hands, including a barky sole for your feet!
A collection of Leaf overlays for Body and Hands, as well as some scattered leaves for the body.
11 Flower Overlays for the Body, to encourage your character to come into bloom!
A Vine body overlay that took way too long to make!
Handmade Moss, Leaves, Flowers, and Vines for the best quality I could manage.
Many of the body overlays are designed for layering, giving you a great deal of options for your characters appearance.
Optional Files for seams that better fit men (leaves are a little weird, but much better than harsh seams.)

-Nature Magicks-
3 Offensive Alteration spells, dealing poison damage, and the final leeching life as well!
15 Defensive Alteration spells, fortifying Frost (Sap), Fire (Char), and Shock(Mud) resistances. Only one can be active at a time (For now)
All of these are dropped from Vanilla Spriggans, with a 30% chance of obtaining both a Defensive Tome and a Offensive Tome.

Spriggans have a very rare chance to drop either large amounts of Nirnroots, or the elusive Jarrin Root.

Requires RaceMenu (and by extension SKSE)

Extract the contents of the 7Zip and move the contents to your Skyrim Data folder, or use the Nexus Mod Manager to install.
You should then be able to access the Body and Face Paints through the RaceMenu, under Makeup, Body Paint, and Face Paint.
If you are installing over a previous version, simply replace all when asked.

---If you do not plan on using the crash risky "Face Paints" ignore the following section, and install the SKSE Makeup Configs if you do not already have the SKSE set to allow for tintmasks of higher resolution than 256x256. Otherwise, set the iTintTextureResolution = 2048 in the SKSE.ini. (If you do not have this file, download the SKSE Makeup Configs from the optional files, which is preset to 2048x2048 textures.)---

-Using Face Paints-
In order to have the same sharpness that some of the paints show in the images, as they are disabled by default due to a game crash, you will need to change the NiOverride Config under Face Paint, and set the iSpellOverlays = 1, and have iNumOverlays = 1 or more.
Here is an example of the Overlays/Face section in the config with it enabled.
--- In Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/nioverride.ini
bEnableFaceOverlays = 1 ;Default[0]
[Overlays/Face] ; "Face [Ovl#]" and "Face [SOvl#]"
; Determines how many face overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=3 ; Default[3]
iSpellOverlays=1 ; Default[0]
***NOTE - This will cause loading a cell with a decapitated body to crash the game, so if you want to use the face paints, be sure to have some way to prevent decapitations, such as VioLens***

Remove or disable the .esp (Natureborn Body Paints.esp) in your data folder and the content should no longer appear in game. To delete the textures, you should delete the folder Data\textures\actors\character\Overlays\SFO in your skyrim directory.
Otherwise you may just uninstall via Nexus Mod Manager if you used it to install.

-My Other Mods-
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